What is the pregnant Midge doll worth?

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What is the pregnant Midge doll worth?

The pregnant Midge doll, he said, can go up to $400 in value if in mint condition.

How much is the original Midge Barbie worth?

The first vintage Midge dolls had a value of $175 MIB (Mint In Box) in 2007. For the first two years that Midge was sold, she had “straight legs” that could not bend at the knee. A rare Midge with teeth was sold the first year and is now sought after by collectors.

Did they ever make a pregnant Barbie doll?

Midge was sold “pregnant” with Nikki, who was a tiny baby inside Midge’s magnetic removable womb. This led to some controversy with some consumers saying that the doll was inappropriate for children, or that it promoted teen pregnancy.

What was black Barbie’s name?

Her real name was actually La’Chrys(something) Jackson until Mattel decided to “alter her image” and gave her a friendlier name being Christie O’Neill. Barbie wasn’t feeling her afro so she made Christie straighten her hair.

Is Barbie being discontinued?

In 1997, Mattel came out with Share-a-Smile Becky, Barbie’s first friend who used a wheelchair. But ten years later, she still couldn’t roll into the Barbie Dream House, and Mattel decided to discontinue the doll.

What was the best selling Barbie of all time?

Totally Hair Barbie
Totally Hair Barbie, with her long head to toe length tresses, is officially the best-selling Barbie toy of all time. She generated 10 million sales worldwide alone between 1992 and 1995.

Is the pregnant Midge from Barbie still pregnant?

Barbie happy family pregnant Midge-Mom and Baby. Original tags. Exc. condition. 29 product ratings – Barbie happy family pregnant Midge-Mom and Baby. Original tags. Exc. condition.

What was the name of the Midge Barbie doll in 1963?

1964-1966 Midge doll – the same doll as 1963 with the word ” Patented ” added as a last line on the markings. 1967 Midge doll – same doll as 1966.

Who is the pregnant Barbie doll from 1991?

Barbie Happy Family Midge Pregnant, Lot Of Two. Caucasian And African American. 1991 JUDITH MOMMY TO BE DOLL PREGNANT MOM & BABY MIB!

What kind of wig did Midge Barbie have?

Late in 1966 all the markings were raised instead of part engraved. One molded Barbie doll head with blue headband, one molded Midge doll head with orange headband, four wigs, wig stand, battery operated hair dryer, color changer solution and miscellaneous hair items.

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