Is there a zip code in Israel?

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Is there a zip code in Israel?

Postal codes in Israel (Hebrew: מיקוד‎, Mikud) are seven digit numeric postal codes in use in Israel. Jerusalem postal codes start with the digit 9, although this does not correspond with its geographical location. Army unit postal codes start with a 0 and are not changed even if a unit is roaming.

What is the zip code of Tel Aviv?

City Postal Code Region
Azor +1803 5800001 Tel Aviv
Bat Yam +7801 5912300 Tel Aviv
Ben-Gurion Airport +6 7010000 Tel Aviv
Bnei Brak +9775 5110000 Tel Aviv

What is zip code for Jerusalem?

Jerusalem/Zip codes

How many zip codes are there in Israel?

The switch means that Israel will now have 10 million possible unique postal codes – two million more than Israel’s entire population – as compared to the almost 100,000 possible addresses under the five-digit system.

What is my area code Israel?

Israel’s country calling code is +972.

How are addresses formatted in Israel?

For apartment building, the street number should appear first and then the apartment number, separated by “/”. The addressing format is the same for the all territory of Israel (urban and rural areas alike).

What is my zip code Israel?

  1. There are two great ways to find your ZIP code.
  2. Slightly below the מס’ דירה (Apartment Number), You will find the full zip code, it is seven digits in total (mine starts with 99).
  3. בתוך הספח, רשום את המיקוד המלא תחת מספר דירה.
  4. If you don’t have an ID or want to find someone else’s ZIP code, this way will work for you.

Is Tel Aviv a state?

Tel Aviv or Tel Aviv-Yafo is the second most populous city in Israel, after Jerusalem, with a population of 414,600. It is located on the Mediterranean coast in central-west Israel, within Gush Dan, Israel’s largest metropolitan area, containing 42% of Israel’s population.

Is Jerusalem in Palestine or Israel?


Jerusalem ירושלים (Hebrew) القُدس (Arabic)
Claimed by Israel and Palestine
Israeli district Jerusalem
Palestinian governorate Quds
Gihon Spring settlement 3000–2800 BCE

What is Ramat Eshkol zip code?

Postal Code – Jerusalem Sderot Levi Eshkol 22 – 9776411.

What language does Israel speak?

Israel/Official languages

Spoken in ancient times in Palestine, Hebrew was supplanted by the western dialect of Aramaic beginning about the 3rd century bc; the language continued to be used as a liturgical and literary language, however. It was revived as a spoken language in the 19th and 20th centuries and is the official language of Israel.

Which country uses 972?

The dial plan type in Israel is closed, and “0” is the internal Trunk prefix in Israel. Israel’s country calling code is +972….Telephone numbers in Israel.

Country calling code +972
International call prefix 00 or 01x
Trunk prefix 0

What is the postal code for Israel?

Postal codes are assigned by Israel Post generally from north to south, with the first two postal code digits being the postcode areas — thus, Metula in the north has 1029200 as its postal code, and Eilat in the south was assigned 88xxxxx.

What state has the most ZIP codes?

In fact, in 2020, 107 of the 121 zip codes with the highest medians were located in California and New York . Specifically, New York provided 20, while California originated a whopping 87 zip codes (slightly fewer than 2019’s record 91), including eight of the 10 most expensive.

What is Jerusalem Israel ZIP code?

Jerusalem : Branch Code 515 : Address Shamai St. 16 , Jerusalem 16 : City Jerusalem : Zip Code 9463122

What is the best way to visit Jerusalem?

Going to Jerusalem is fairly simple, especially if you’re landing at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv . (If you want to go to Ben Gurion from Jerusalem – click here.) Public transportation offers several choices and we cover each of them here: bus, shared taxi (sherut), taxi and train. A shared taxi is often the best option.

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