Can you burn bio ethanol indoors?

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Can you burn bio ethanol indoors?

Are Bioethanol Fires Safe Indoors? Yes, they are. Bioethanol fires do produce CO2 (carbon dioxide), but not only is this substance present in very small amounts, but it is also a by-product of any real fire.

Are bio ethanol burners safe?

In conclusion, bioethanol fuel is a safe fuel to use, especially when compared to standard gas burning fireplaces and woodburning fireplaces. It emits no smoke or particles, just trace amounts of carbon dioxide that are no threat to you or your family.

How efficient are bio ethanol fireplaces?

Bioethanol Fires – Most manual bioethanol fires available on the market today are capable of outputting between 1.7kW and 8.5kW, which is a perfectly acceptable heat output for most homes. On average, gas fires will produce around 2.5kW of heat, but more efficient models can output up to 6kW.

Is Bio Ethanol Fuel expensive?

Are bioethanol fires expensive to run? The short answer is no, bioethanol fires are not expensive to run when compared with the cost of running wood or gas fires.

Are bioethanol fires worth it?

Yes, bioethanol fires produce real-burning flames that give off plenty of heat, making them a fantastic, like-for-like alternative to traditional gas or log-burning fire for heating homes and gardens.

Is there an ethanol burner for a fireplace?

The heart of our ethanol fireplaces, an ethanol burner gives you the freedom to build your own customizable fireplace design. The Bio Flame has offered innovative ventless ethanol fireplaces since 2007.

Is the bio flame a ventless ethanol burner?

The Bio Flame has offered innovative ventless ethanol fireplaces since 2007. Our beautiful, eco-friendly fireplaces are truly a modern design marvel that has quickly become a top choice for homes, offices, hotels, and other projects all over the world. If you’re pursuing a unique, fiery design vision, look no further than an ethanol burner.

Can a bio flame burner be used as a fireplace?

Unlike electric fireplaces, ethanol burners offer real, dancing flames. A low-maintenance and fuel-efficient option, an ethanol burner is a flexible and attractive addition to any residential and commercial space. Create freestanding and unique fire features in any room with The Bio Flame ethanol burners.

Can you shut off a bio ethanol fireplace?

The stainless-steel fuel box has a shutter that can be closed to shut off the flame. Always use the supplied tools to do this. Never use your hands or any part of your body to do this as the fuel box will be very hot. Do not move the bio fire until the stainless-steel fuel box has cooled.

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