What episodes of Miami Vice was Sheena Easton in?

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What episodes of Miami Vice was Sheena Easton in?

Easton appeared as Caitlin Davies, wife of James “Sonny” Crockett” in the episodes “Like a Hurricane”, “The Rising Sun of Death”, “Love at First Sight”, “Rock and a Hard Place”, and “Deliver Us from Evil”, and whose songs “I Got You Babe” (from “Like a Hurricane” and “Love at First Sight”), “When He Shines” (from “Like …

Where can I watch Miami Vice Mini Series 2021?

‘Miami Vice’ streams for free on NBC.com and ad-free on Starz and other premium services.

What happened to Caitlin on Miami Vice?

During a shootout, Hackman’s wife was killed (as it turned out by Hackman himself), and sought revenge on Crockett, so he disguised himself as a member of the light crew, killed the lighting person, and used his laser-sighted rifle to shoot Caitlin dead in Crockett’s arms, unbeknownst to the crowd.

Does Netflix have Miami Vice?

We are currently in the deserted no man’s land between the 2013-14 TV schedule and the roll-out of the heavy hitters of summer programming, so this is the perfect time to sink your teeth into a show on Netflix. Every episode features a Ferrari vs. …

Who died from Miami Vice?

After his stint with the Metro-Dade Police Department, Gregory Sierra would continue his busy career in film and TV. He died of cancer on January 4, 2021, at age 83.

Why was Zito killed on Miami Vice?

Zito was murdered by Oswaldo Guzman, a gambler he was working undercover to bring down, in 1987. He was played in the television series by John Diehl.

What happened on last episode of Miami Vice?

January 25, 1990
Miami Vice/Final episode date

Who was the original creator of Miami Vice?

One version of events states that the head of NBC’s Entertainment Division, Brandon Tartikoff, wrote a brainstorming memo that simply read “MTV cops”, and later presented it to series creator Anthony Yerkovich, formerly a writer and producer for Hill Street Blues.

Who are the cast members of Miami Vice?

Group photo of the cast members of Miami Vice (from left to right): (top) John Diehl, Michael Talbott, Saundra Santiago (middle) Edward James Olmos, Olivia Brown, Philip Michael Thomas (bottom) Don Johnson, taken during the second season.

What kind of sound does Miami Vice have?

Miami Vice was one of the first American network television programs to be broadcast in stereophonic sound. It was mixed in 4 channel stereo for its entire run.

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