What is the Sikkim costume?

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What is the Sikkim costume?

6 Sikkim Traditional Dresses

  • Bhutia Tribe – Bakhu/Kho. The traditional dress of the people of Sikkim and Bhutias is the Bakhu (according to the Nepalese dialect) or Kho (according to the Bhutia dialect).
  • Thokro-Dum. The traditional Thokro-Dum of Lepcha community (Source)
  • Dumvum.
  • Shuruval.
  • Pharia.
  • Wedding Attire.

What is the male dress of Sikkim?

The male Lepcha mostly wear Thokro-Dum that includes a pajama, a shirt, Shambo (headgear) and Yenthatse. The dress of male is rough and good for the field work. Bhutia men wear Kho, also called as Bakhu. It is tied at the neck and the waist with cotton or silk belt.

What is Lepcha dress?

Dumpra (also dumprá; Lepcha for “male dress”) is the traditional dress of Lepcha men. It consists of a multicolored, hand-woven cloth pinned at one shoulder and held in place by a waistband called a gyatomu, usually worn over a white shirt and trousers.

What is the main food of Sikkim?

Sikkimese cuisine is the cuisine of the state of Sikkim, located in northeastern India. Rice is a staple food, and fermented foods traditionally constitute a significant portion of the cuisine….DISHES.

Name Description
Phagshapa A Nepalese dish of strips of pork fat stewed with radishes and dried chillies.

Which religion is followed by Sikkim?

Though today the majority of people settled in Sikkim follow Hinduism, Sikkim has certainly preserved its deep roots with Buddhism to this day. Buddhism is not a religion as per western understanding but a philosophy that is founded by the historical Buddha’s own experience.

What is the motto of Sikkim?

The Emblem of Sikkim, is currently used as the official seal of the Government of Sikkim, India….

Emblem of Sikkim
Motto ༄༅།ཁམས་གསུམ་དབང་འདུས། Kham-sum-wangdu (Conqueror of the three worlds)

What is the language spoken in Sikkim?

Thus, first three main languages of the Sikkim state are Nepali, Bhotia and Lepcha. Nepali is spoken by the majority of the population and is the lingua franca of Sikkim.

What is the culture of Sikkim?

Communities, Cultures, Religions and Customs of different hues intermingle freely here in Sikkim to constitute a homogeneous blend. The predominant communities are the LEPCHAS, BHUTIAS and NEPALESE. In urban areas, many plainsmen have also settled and they are almost engaged in business and Government service.

What is the famous dress of Sikkim?

The Kho or Bakhu is a traditional dress worn by Bhutia, ethnic Sikkimese people of Sikkim and Nepal. It is a loose, cloak-style garment that is fastened at the neck on one side and near the waist with a silk or cotton belt similar to the Tibetan chuba and to the Ngalop gho of Bhutan, but sleeveless.

Is alcohol allowed in Sikkim?

Available almost everywhere in Sikkim. Liquor – Liquor like whiskey, brandy, rum etc is very cheap in Sikkim as compared to other parts of India. The Bar shop remains open till 11pm.

What do you need to know about Sikkim dress?

Here is everything you need to know about the traditional Sikkim dresses that will help you in identifying the true essence of what makes this small state interesting in its own quirky way:

What kind of dress do Lepchas wear in Sikkim?

In Sikkim Lepchas people mostly develop their dress but everyday they won’t wear their traditional dress. Lepcha dress not only like to wear Lepchas people but Nepali people also very like to wear in Sikkim. Dumpra dress is wear by male of Lepcha people and Gada is Lepchas female dress.

What are the different types of Sikkim in Wikipedia?

1 East Sikkim. 2 North Sikkim. 3 South Sikkim. 4 West Sikkim.

What to wear in a monastery in Sikkim?

In the region of towns and monasteries, women are advised not to wear short and skimpy clothes. Men should be dressed in full pants and full-sleeved shirts.

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