How do I open the Sound Control Panel in Windows 8?

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How do I open the Sound Control Panel in Windows 8?

In Windows 8.1, you can also right-click on the Start button to bring up this handy quick-access menu. On the Apps screen, swipe or scroll to the right and find the Windows System category. Select Control Panel. Windows 8 will switch to the Desktop and open the Control Panel.

Where is Sound settings in Windows 8?

Move the mouse pointer to the lower left corner of the screen, right-click, and select Control Panel from the menu. Click Hardware and Sound. Under Sound, click Adjust system volume.

How do I adjust volume on Windows 8?

In Windows 8 there are two ways to change the overall volume. You can bring up the charms bar by swiping in from the right, or by pressing Win-C on your keyboard. Tap Settings, then you’ll see a speaker icon at the bottom. Tap on this to set the main system volume slider bar.

How do I open Windows Control Panel?

Press Windows+X or right-tap the lower-left corner to open the Quick Access Menu, and then choose Control Panel in it. Way 3: Go to Control Panel through the Settings Panel. Open the Settings Panel by Windows+I, and tap Control Panel on it.

How do I connect my speakers to Windows 8?

How to Install or Set Up Speakers in Windows 8

  1. From the desktop, right-click your taskbar’s Speaker icon and choose Playback Devices.
  2. Click your speaker or speaker’s icon and then click the Configure button.
  3. Click the Test button, adjust your speaker’s settings, and click Next.

How do I adjust the speaker volume on my laptop Windows 8?

Method 1: Raise and lower volume through the sound icon on taskbar. On desktop, click the sound icon (speaker) on the right side of taskbar, and then move the sound control scale up or down to raise or lower the volume, as shown in the following screenshot.

How do I enable my speakers on Windows 8?

How do I fix my Sound?

How do I fix “no sound” on my computer?

  1. Check your volume settings.
  2. Restart or change your audio device.
  3. Install or update audio or speaker drivers.
  4. Disable audio enhancements.
  5. Update the BIOS.

How do you restore control panel in Windows 8?

There’s two ways to do this. The first is to simply type in “System Restore” in the Windows 8 Search bar. Alternatively open up the control panel and select “System and Security”. Then select “Advanced System Settings”. Then click on the “System Protection Tab”. You are now in the settings for System Restore.

How to ACESS control panel in Windows 8?

X. This method works for both desktop modes: Metro and classic.

  • E keys.
  • Q keys in the same time.
  • then hit Enter or press Ok.
  • Method 5: Through Metro interface.
  • How do you control sound on Windows?

    Open the Control Panel . In Windows 10, press Win+X to display the super-secret menu, and then choose Control Panel. In Windows 7, choose Control Panel from the Start menu. Choose Hardware and Sound. Click the Sound heading. The Sound dialog box appears.

    Where is sound control panel?

    Hit the Windows key, type “Control Panel” in the taskbar’s search field, and select the Control Panel desktop app in the results. Next, select “Hardware and Sound” on the main Control Panel menu, followed by “Sound” on the next panel. The Sound pop-up window appears on the screen.

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