How do you complete seek and loot in Dead Island?

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How do you complete seek and loot in Dead Island?

Carry the two packs to your car and place them in the flatbed. Drive back to the Lifeguard Tower and place the two juice packs in the back of the garage, where the two blue outlines are. Talk to Sinamoi to finish the quest.

How do you get into the gas station in Dead Island?

It’s located to the left of the main door. Also remove the barricade of the door so you can get out! Once you turn off the final switch, the quest will automatically complete. The electricity is now off and you can get onto the gas station roof.

What are the juice packs for in Dead Island?

Carrying a box of juice slows the player and prevents them from attacking with any carried weaponry, though they can be thrown at enemies to knock them over and inflict some damage. They can either be transported by hand, but a total of four packages will fit in the back of the pickup bed.

Where are the two gas stations Dead Island?

Lighthouse Gas Station – located at the base of the road up to the light house. It consists of the four pumps, a main building and a connected workshop area. City Tunnel Gas Station – the largest station, located near the City Tunnel. There’s four pumps, the main building as well as a separate, external warehouse.

How do I help Harlan get in the hut?

Very Easy 500 XP, Baseball Bat You can find Harlan’s small compound surrounded by zombies. Run them over with your truck to get bonus experience. Talk to him to get this quest. Jump on the elevated outcropping on the right side of the hut then use it to jump over the fence.

Where is the lighthouse in Dead Island?

The Lighthouse is located on top of a large hill. There’s foot access via the beach, while a winding road allows vehicle access. The survivors have started making a large HELP sign to attract any aircraft flying overhead. There’s an old Japanese bunker near the base of the Lighthouse, but the door is sealed shut.

Where is the lighthouse Dead Island?

When you reach the jungle find the location of the aircraft?

The plane is located in the Jungle, accessible only in Act III. Tracking the quest will lead the player west of the main fishing village of the jungle. Don’t confuse the jungle area surrounding the Laboratory with the jungle area near the fishing village where the crashed plane is.

Where can I find Maggie in Dead Island?

Maggie can be found in the Lighthouse (1), sitting on a mattress in a room corner #2. After short conversation with her you can return to Steven (2) and tell him where Maggie is. You’ll get a reward from him.

What happened to the survivors of Dead Island Riptide?

Along with international terrorist Charon and native Yerema, asymptomatic patient zero of the Banoi outbreak, the survivors land on a military ship after escaping from the prison island. They are immediately taken into custody by the Australian Defence Force Colonel Sam Hardy and Frank Serpo, a civilian VIP.

Where is jumbo jet in Dead Island?

the Jungle
The plane is located in the Jungle, accessible only in Act III.

Where is the jungle in Dead Island?

The Mingende Jungle is the third map of the game. It is a hot, humid, river strewn tropical jungle area located in the centre of the Banoi Island.

Where do you get second pack of juice in Dead Island?

In order to get to a room where a second pack of juice can be found, you have to complete the Waterdance quest. After you turn off the power, you can climb the ladder #2. Eliminate Walkers running on the roof and break the window #1, so you’ll be able to get inside the building.

Where do you get two gas cans in Dead Island?

If you do stop at the Lighthouse Gas Station, take two full cans of gas. When you’re driving to the City Tunnel Gas Station, you’ll find Harlan and his quests. By taking two gas cans, when you clear out the bungalow for him, you can finish his next quest for two gas cans right away.

Where do you get Waterdance in Dead Island?

After completing Waterdance, head to the side of the gas station building where a ladder will let you climb onto the roof. There’s a Thug and a Walker pretending to be dead when you get up there. You don’t need to kill them, but you might as well for the XP and a chance of a good weapon, as Thugs can rarely drop them.

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