What other 2 notable things happened in Maycomb that Scout mentions in Chapter 27?

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What other 2 notable things happened in Maycomb that Scout mentions in Chapter 27?

The three things that Scout mentioned during Chapter 27 included:

  • Helen Robinson being stalked and harrassed by Bob Ewell.
  • Judge Taylor discovering a prowler on his back porch, where “A shadow on the corner of the house caught his eye.” It was probably Bob Ewell again, seeking revenge against the judge.

What unusual thing happened to Bob Ewell?

Incident #1: Bob Ewell got a job with the WPA but was fired for laziness in a matter of days. Shortly thereafter, he was heard to have accused Atticus of “getting his job.” Incident #2: Someone tried to break into Judge Taylor’s house one evening.

What happens in Chapters 27 28 To Kill a Mockingbird?

Summary and Analysis Part 2: Chapters 27-28. Things settle down in Maycomb, although Bob Ewell publicly blames Atticus for him losing his job. Tom Robinson’s old boss, Link Deas, gives Helen a job, but Bob Ewell makes it very difficult for her to safely walk to work. Deas puts an end to that, which makes Ewell angry.

What is foreshadowed at the end of Chapter 27 in To Kill a Mockingbird?

At the end of chapter 27, Scout mentions that Jem is going to walk her to Maycomb’s Halloween festival at the school and says, “Thus began our longest journey together” (257). Her statement foreshadows that something dramatic will take place on their walk to or from the Halloween festival.

What happened at the end of Chapter 27 To Kill a Mockingbird?

Bob Ewell is also upset with the closing statements of Atticus who pleads to the all-white jury to see the truth and provide justice for Tom. During the chapter, Ewell blames Atticus for getting him fired from a WPA job, and he sneaks around Judge Taylor’s house and pries open the back screen door as a warning.

Who does Scout think the stranger in the corner is?

In chapter 29, Scout describes the incident to Sheriff Tate and finally recognizes that Boo Radley is the man standing in the corner of Jem’s room. Once she recognizes Boo, Scout is overcome with emotion and can only say, “Hey, Boo.”

Is Bob Ewell mayella’s dad?

Mayella is the eldest daughter of Bob Ewell, and thus ends up having to take care of her siblings because her father is a strong alcoholic.

Is mayella a victim or villain?

Mayella Ewell is portrayed as a complex character who is more of a victim than she is a villain in To Kill a Mockingbird. Mayella’s unfortunate home life, extreme loneliness, and nonexistent support system make her a sympathetic character.

Who broke into Judge Taylor’s house?

Because Judge Taylor has a part in Bob Ewell’s humiliation, Ewell was determined to take out his anger on Judge Taylor: Ewell also continues to punish those he feels are responsible for his humiliation by breaking into Judge Taylor’s house.

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