Is the Members Room at the British Museum open?

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Is the Members Room at the British Museum open?

Is the Members’ Room open? The Members’ Room is open 10.00–17.00 Saturday–Thursday, and 10.00–20.30 on Fridays. It can be accessed through the Egyptian sculpture gallery and up the West Stairs to Level 1 – view on a map (Opens in new window). Members must show a valid Membership card to gain entry.

Can you just walk into the British Museum?

The British Museum Most of our galleries are open. Walk-up visits are available each day for those who arrive at the Museum without advance bookings.

How much is the ticket for British Museum?

The British Museum/Tickets

Do I have to wear a mask at the British Museum?

“Though we will not be enforcing social distancing, our priority is a safe experience for all. In line with Scotland’s stricter government policy, museums in the country will only increase capacity slightly to comply with 1m physical distancing rules, and face coverings remain mandatory.

Is the British Library part of the British Museum?

The British Museum Library It was created as ‘one general repository’ to hold the collections of Sir Hans Sloane, Sir Robert Cotton and Robert and Edward Harley. When it inherited the library of George III in 1823, its printed books doubled in number, prompting a move to the site of the current British Museum.

How can I contact the British Museum in London?

Please see our Privacy policy for more details about how we use your personal data and about your rights or contact the Museum’s Data Protection Officer at [email protected], telephone 020 7323 8000. Because our phone lines can be very busy, we strongly recommend contacting us using the form above.

How much does it cost to be a member of the British Museum?

Membership allows you to discover two million years of human history while donating to the British Museum Friends, enabling us to support the work of the Museum. From just £69 a year (with discounts for those aged Under 26 ), Membership makes visits to the Museum a cultural adventure with: And many more benefits.

How long does it take to get a response from the British Museum?

Visitor in the Great Court. We aim to respond to general enquiries and feedback within 10 working days. However, if your enquiry is particularly complicated or requires investigation, it may take longer to provide you with a full response. For more urgent enquiries you can reach us via our social media channels on Twitter

Is the British Museum open on 24 December?

Due to the one-way system the Museum is currently only accessible from Great Russell Street. See the Visit page for more information. The Museum is closed on 24, 25 and 26 December. What can I bring? All bags, rucksacks, packages and personal items may be searched before entry so we suggest allowing extra time for your visit.

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