What is data source in WebLogic?

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What is data source in WebLogic?

A data source is an object that enables a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) client to obtain a database connection. WebLogic JDBC data sources provide database access and database connection management.

How do I create a data source in WebLogic console?

Creating a data source (Oracle WebLogic Server)

  1. In the Domain Structure menu, expand Services > JDBC.
  2. Select Data Sources and click New.
  3. In the JDBC Data Source Properties section, specify the following appropriate values and then click Next.
  4. Accept the default values in the Transaction Options section by clicking Next.

How do I enable data source logs in WebLogic?

In the left pane of the Console, expand Environment and select Servers. In the Servers table, click the name of the server instance whose DataSource Profile logging you want to configure. Select Logging > DataSource.

How do I test WebLogic datasource connection?

Testing the data source connection on WebLogic Server 8.1. 5

  1. Select Domain name > Services > JDBC > Connection Pools.
  2. Select the Connection Pool which is used by Business Process Framework.
  3. Click Configuration > Connections tab.
  4. Select Show advance options.
  5. Enable Test Reserved Connections and Test Created Connections.

How do I restart data source in WebLogic console?

To restart a data source using the Administration Console:

  1. In the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock & Edit.
  2. In the Domain Structure tree, expand Services > JDBC and select Data Sources.
  3. Select the name of the data source that you want to restart and select the Targets tab.

How do I find my Oracle datasource name?

Configuring an Oracle ODBC Data Source Name

  1. In the Windows Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools.
  2. Double-click Data Sources (ODBC).
  3. Select the System DSN tab and click Add.
  4. Select an appropriate Oracle driver and click Finish.
  5. Specify the following information in the Oracle ODBC Driver Configuration window:

How do I create a multi data source?

Creating and Configuring Multi Data Sources. Choosing the Multi Data Source Algorithm. Multi Data Source Fail-Over Limitations and Requirements. Multi Data Source Failover Enhancements….Adding a Database Node

  1. Restart the database node.
  2. Restart the data source.
  3. Add the data source back to the multi data source.

How does a WebLogic Server create a database connection?

When that server comes up, (or the data source is deployed), the server creates database connections to fill the connection pool of its data source. This tutorial covers using the Oracle WebLogic Server 12 c (12.1.1) administration console to create a data source and its connection pool.

How are JMS modules configured in WebLogic?

JMS system modules are typically configured using the Administration Console or the WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST), which adds a reference to the module in the domain’s config.xml file.

Where can I find WebLogic Server Administration Console?

After the servers are up and running, access the WebLogic Server administration console. Open a web browser and enter its URL: Note: Use the host name and port of the administration server of your domain. On the Welcome screen, log in using the Username and Password entered to start the servers.

How to configure a JDBC data source in Oracle?

This tutorial shows how to use the Oracle WebLogic Server 12 c administration console to configure a JDBC data source. A data source is an object that enables a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) client to obtain a database connection. The data source has a collection of database connections called a connection pool.

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