How do I change the DPI on my Razer DeathAdder 2013?

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How do I change the DPI on my Razer DeathAdder 2013?

You can switch between DPI in two ways: a) By selecting the desired DPI in the Razer DeathAdder software driver. b) By assigning the function to a button via the Razer Configurator in the main window. A macro is a short sequence of keystrokes.

Does the Razer DeathAdder have a DPI button?

Sets the DPI sensitivity of the Razer DeathAdder. Comes with four default DPI settings: 450, 900, 1800 and 3500dpi. You can also program DPI switching to any button on the Razer DeathAdder (E.g. Program mouse button 4 to 1800dpi, mouse button 5 to 900dpi).

How do I change the DPI on my old Razer DeathAdder?

To change DPI to default settings you need to just open up the Synapse configuration tool and then click on your Razer Deathadder from the home screen. From the device settings you need to click on performance and you will find a different sensitivity option. You can just type in 1800 in one of the stages.

What switches does the Razer DeathAdder 2013 use?

Razer DeathAdder 2013 Performance Like most Razer gaming mice, the Omron switches in the left and right clicks are very deliberate and tactile which feel very good when pressed.

What does DPI stand for?

Dots per inch
Dots per inch/Full name
DPI stands for dots per inch, and was originally used specifially as a term in printing, providing a measure of how many dots of ink are placed on a print in distance of one inch.

Is 600 DPI or 1200 DPI better?

Bigger and Better Resolution The higher the dpi the better the resolution and the better copy/print quality. For example, 1200 X 1200 dpi will give you better resolution or copy/print quality than 600 X 600 dpi, thus giving you better copy/print quality and better half tones.

Is Razer DeathAdder elite good?

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is an excellent gaming mouse that works phenomenally for day to day work too. it’s not that expensive and offers good value against its competitors, so you can easily say that it’s a very good mouse that can do everything. Check Price on Amazon.

How heavy is the Razer DeathAdder elite?

The DeathAdder Elite is 5 by 2.87 by 1.69 inches and weighs 0.21 pounds. This mouse sports 7 separate mechanical buttons with two on the left side, two in the middle, along with the traditional three up front.

How much does the Razer DeathAdder weigh?

The previous model of the DeathAdder came in at about 105 grams but Razer has shaved that weight down to 82 grams with the V2. Razer has accomplished this drastic weight shift without sacrificing any structural integrity.

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