How much line does a Zebco 202 hold?

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How much line does a Zebco 202 hold?

The 202 line of reels, for example, is part of the company’s Standard reel lineup. Featuring stainless steel pickup pins, adjustable drags, durable plastic housings and hook keepers, the 202 reel is capable of holding up to 75 yards of 10 pound test monofilament line.

How much line does a Mitchell 300 hold?

The line capacity of the 300 Pro is 180 yards of 12-pound monofilament or 210 yards of 14-pound braid.

How much line does a Zebco 733 hold?

Load this reel with 12-14lb test line and keep the lure/sinker weight under 2 ounces and it works great. But, with a maximum capacity of 90 yards of 20-lb line, you can actually “spool” yourself when casting heavier weights.

Is Zebco 33 better than 404?

In other words, the 33 is both faster and smoother than the 404, which makes it better suited for casting lures, while also being a great all round model. So, if you’re a beginner, we recommend the 33 over the 404, since you’ll have a much better fishing experience.

Can you put braid on a Zebco 808?

The 808 can hold 80 powerpro braid on zebco’s bowfisher and i have loaded it with 50 lb. Braid,probably around 200 yds. It is smaller diameter than 20 lb. Mono so it casts further.

Are Mitchell reels any good?

The reel feels very solid in your hand but surprisingly it doesn’t feel heavy like many of the other spinning reels on the market. It’s hard to cut weight in a spinning reel but this reel has done a good job of that with the rotor, spool and even handle having sections carved out.

How do you date a Mitchell 300?

In April 1957, reels are inscribed “Garcia Mitchell 300″ or ” Mitchell 300 (for European vendors)” for the first time….

A = C =
01/09/1971 until 31/07/1972 01/09/1973 until 31/07/1974
K = M =
01/09/1980 until 31/07/1981 01/09/1982 until 31/07/1983

What does Zebco stand for?

Zero Hour Bomb Co
Today, Zebco is one of only two American companies that still make the majority of its reels in the United States. Penn, based in Philadelphia, is the other. Company officials say they take pride that Zebco–which stands for Zero Hour Bomb Co. –has become an American tradition.

What size line should I use on a Zebco 33?

Zebco 33 has a line capacity of 10lb/120yd. If you plan to use lighter lines, you can increase the capacity to reach more than 200 yards, but those will be 2 or 4lb lines, and there is not much you can do with those.

Is a Zebco 33 a good reel?

Quality/Construction: The Zebco 33 is a surprisingly stout little reel made with a stainless steel exterior mixed with a composite body. The joint lines where different materials and parts of the reel come together are actually very good but the handle and knobs do exhibit a bit of play in them.

How much line will a Zebco 808 hold?

A big reel for big fish. Pre-spooled with 25 lb line, the 808 Magnum offers an Auto Bait Alert function, which makes a clicking sound when it’s time to reel in your catch.

How much monofilament does a Zebco 202 reel hold?

Featuring stainless steel pickup pins, adjustable drags, durable plastic housings and hook keepers, the 202 reel is capable of holding up to 75 yards of 10 pound test monofilament line. Changing worn or old line is part of the routine maintenance involved with any reel and can be accomplished by most anglers on the Zebco 202. Items you will need

When did Zebco come out with the 900 series?

The quality of the Cardinal reels was such that when Zebco decided to come out with a line of spinning reels in the mid ‘70s (the 900 series) it was aimed at the mid-level market. Their internal documentation regards the Cardinals as “Our flagship line”.

When did Zebco stop distributing Abu reels?

By the early 1980s the line was phased out and Zebco no longer distributed ABU reels. The relationship between Zebco and ABU marked the first time that Zebco had ever sold a reel which they had not themselves made and for the company it was clearly a turning point.

What kind of reel is Zebco Cardinal 3, 4, 7?

They are a beautiful Zebco Cardinal 3 , 4 , 7 ; the full set of tan Cardinal 554 , 555 and 557 spinning reels as well as some associated spares. Many thanks my friend! Now these can be shared with all who are interested.

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