Who does Massie end up with in the clique?

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Who does Massie end up with in the clique?

Landon Crane
Massie also falls for Dempsey, and finally, her perfect match, Landon Crane, who sort of becomes her boyfriend. Although Massie is known as the alpha, she is the one whom her friends have turned against the most often of the five girls.

What grade is Massie in the clique?

9th grade
In Florida, Claire almost gets a kiss from her favorite boy band and dreams of one day achieving immense popularity. Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen decide that like Massie, they want 9th grade crushes like her new crush, Landon Crane.

How old is Massie Block?

19. Massie is portrayed by Elizabeth McLaughlin in the film….

Massie Block
Name Massie Block
Age 13
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Brown

What is the last book in the Clique series?

A Tale of Two Pretties
A Tale of Two Pretties is the fourteenth and final book in The Clique Series.

How do you become like Massie from the clique?

How To Be Like Massie

  1. Take good care of your hair.
  2. Makeup is essential.
  3. Since obviously not everyone has the money to buy designer brands, while you may have a few designer pieces, not your whole wardrobe has to be made up from them.
  4. Even if you don’t have a huge room, you can make it seem bigger and more Alpha – type.

Is there a the clique 2?

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. In the second book starring Westchester County’s most privileged middle schoolers, the Clique declares Massie a hero for hosting the first boy/girl Halloween party of 8th grade.

What grade are the girls in the clique in?

Massie is all about her girlfriends–Alicia, Kristen and Dylan. Together, the four girls rule Octavian County Day School and are considered the most glamorous, popular and envied seventh graders.

Is there a clique 2?

What age is The Clique series for?

Book Review The Clique: Massie is written for kids ages 10 to 13. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

What age is the Clique series for?

How do you become a Massie Block?

How old is Massie Block from the clique?

Massie Block Name Massie Block Age 13 Eye Color Amber Hair Color Brown Parents William and Kendra Block

What kind of clothes does Massie Block wear?

Massie is known for her fashionable designer clothes, alpha status, comebacks, and confidence, which often is faked to mask her true insecurity. Most OCD students look up to her.

What’s the astrological sign of Massie the clique?

In Massie: The Summer Collection, she gets a purple streak in her hair that enables her to get just about anything she wants. Her eyes are brown with amber specks, she adores lip gloss, and in Revenge of the Wannabes, it is said that she likes spray tanning. Massie’s astrological sign is Leo.

Who are the parents of Massie Block the Pretty Committee?

Massie’s father is William Block, and her mother is Kendra Block. She has a black pug named Bean and a horse named Brownie . Massie is the Pretty Committee’s alpha.

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