Which is the highest paid jobs in India 2021?

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Which is the highest paid jobs in India 2021?

Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in India in 2021

  • Investment Bankers.
  • Chartered Accountants.
  • Marketing Managers.
  • Software Engineers.
  • Commercial Pilots.
  • Lawyers.
  • Civil Servants.
  • Merchant Navy Professionals.

What careers make you rich?

Best Jobs to Get Rich

  1. Investment Banker. If you’re looking for one of the best jobs to get rich, becoming an investment banker is at the top.
  2. Physician. If you’re good at science and enjoy helping people, becoming a doctor is a good career option.
  3. Orthodontists.
  4. Dentist.
  5. Engineer.
  6. Air Traffic Controller.
  7. Pharmacist.
  8. Lawyer.

What jobs make you rich fast?

Here are 14 jobs that often have lucrative advancement opportunities, which can help make you a millionaire when you plan ahead and are successful in your career.

  • Professional athlete.
  • Investment banker.
  • Entrepreneur.
  • Lawyer.
  • Certified public accountant.
  • Insurance agent.
  • Engineer.
  • Real estate agent.

What job is most in demand?

Top 7 Jobs in Demand for the Future

  • Nurse Practitioner.
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant.
  • Information Security Analyst.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant.

What job is best for girl?

The 15 best-paying jobs for women in 2018

  1. Chief executive. Number of women: 313,000.
  2. Pharmacist. Number of women: 147,000.
  3. Nurse practitioner. Number of women: 129,000.
  4. Physician/Surgeon. Number of women: 352,000.
  5. Lawyer. Number of women: 337,000.
  6. Physician assistant.
  7. Computer and information systems manager.
  8. Software developer.

What is the highest paid job in India?

Yes, school teachers are not earning too much, but for university professors, teaching is one of the best highest paid job in India. Besides the good amount of salary, professors enjoy lots of other facilities including seasonal breaks and long vacations.

What are the most common jobs in India?

Government jobs – Of all the different kinds of jobs in India, most of the young brigade is happy to get in to various profiles in a government job. Some of the most common jobs are IAS, clerical, IT dept, PWD, railways, police and other government jobs that are available.

What jobs are available in India?

Re: Various types of Government Jobs available in India. various government jobs in india are: banking jobs,power sector,petroleum setor,iron and steel plants,elecricals,medical(doctors),nuclear industry,research,civils are some of the important government jobs.

What are the best job sites in India?

Limjobs.com is also one of the best websites for jobs in India that offers opportunities in finance, sales and marketing, consulting, HR, IT and systems, Legal and many more fields.

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