What nationality is Acker Bilk?

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What nationality is Acker Bilk?

Acker Bilk/Nationality

What was Acker Bilk s real name?

Bernard Stanley Bilk
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His most famous song Stranger on the Shore was the UK’s biggest selling single of 1962 and made him an international star. Born Bernard Stanley Bilk, he changed his name to Acker – Somerset slang for “mate” – after learning to play the clarinet in the Army.

Was Acker Bilk married?

Jean Bilkm. ?–2014
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Bernard Stanley Bilk, clarinettist and bandleader: born Pensford, Somerset 28 January 1929; MBE 2001; married Jean Hawkins (one daughter, one son); died Bath 2 November 2014.

Is Acker Bilk still alive?

Deceased (1929–2014)
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Which finger did Acker Bilk lose?

It’s ironic that he could play the clarinet at all. You see, Bilk (named Bernard Stanley Bilk) lost two front teeth in a school fight, and half of his index finger in a sledding accident as a child.

How good was Acker Bilk?

Legacy. Bilk has been described as the “Great Master of the Clarinet”. “Stranger on the Shore” – which he was once quoted as calling “my old-age pension” – remains a standard of jazz and popular music alike.

When was Acker Bilk born?

January 28, 1929
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Was Acker Bilk in the army?

Bilk was born in Pensford, Somerset, in 1929. He earned the nickname “Acker” from the Somerset slang for “friend” or “mate”. Bilk later borrowed a better instrument from the army and kept it after demobilisation. After National Service, Bilk joined his uncle’s blacksmith business and qualified in the trade.

How old was Acker Bilk when he died?

Bernard Stanley “Acker” Bilk, MBE (28 January 1929 – 2 November 2014) was an English clarinettist and vocalist known for his appearance – goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat – and breathy, vibrato-rich, lower-register clarinet style.

When did Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band debut?

In 1960, their single “Summer Set” (a pun on their home county), co-written by Bilk and pianist Dave Collett, reached number five on the UK Singles Chart, and began a run of 11 chart hit singles. In 1961 “Acker Bilk and His Paramount Jazz Band” appeared at the Royal Variety Performance.

Who are the parents of Acker Bilk’s children?

Bilk married his childhood sweetheart, Jean Hawkins, whom he met in the same class at school. The couple had two children: Jenny and Pete. After living near London in Potters Bar for many years the couple retired to Pensford.

How did Acker Bilk get to number one in the US?

The single was not only a big hit in the United Kingdom, where it stayed on the charts for 55 weeks, helped by Bilk being the subject of the TV show This Is Your Life, but also topped the American charts. As a result, Bilk was the second British artist to have a single in the number-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

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