How do you get back on track Geometry Dash?

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How do you get back on track Geometry Dash?

Jump over a gap onto the second line platform to collect the coin and reach a jump pad to return, immediately jumping again to clear an oncoming spike upon landing.

Who created back on track Geometry Dash?

Back on Track RM
Creator ZenthicAlpha
Difficulty Normal
Stars 3
Level ID 1244147

How do you do the Polargeist in Geometry Dash?

Polargeist gives programmed text instructions to “Tap while touching a ring to jump mid air” if colliding twice with the first spikes in the level. The name ‘Polargeist’ is a pun of poltergeist, another term for a ghost. Polargeist takes 93 seconds to complete and requires a minimum of 119 jumps.

Is back on the track?

Continuing as planned or expected, typically after a problem or distraction. I’m sure all of you have very interesting weekend plans, but we need to get this meeting back on track. The train schedule seems to be back on track after all those delays this morning.

How do you get all 3 coins on base after base?

After hitting a jump ring suspended over three spikes, slide across two platforms and down through an exposed section of a large column that will lead to the coin and a jump pad.

Where are the hidden coins in geometry dash?

2 secret coins are found by entering codes into vaults. One is for entering ‘sparky’ into the regular Vault. The other is for entering ‘glubfub’ into the Vault of Secrets through an extended process. Geometry Dash World features 2 secret coins from this method.

What are the codes for the vault of secrets?

These are all the codes for Vault of Secrets:

  • Octocube – Sneaky Sneak – to unlock the octopus-shaped Icon.
  • Brain Power – Ultimate Energy – to unlock the brain-like shape icon.
  • Seven – Cant be fooled – to unlock the Finn (adventure time) icon.
  • thechickenisonfire – Burnt Chicken – to unlock a bog-water green color.

Where is the first secret coin in dry out?

Secret coins The first secret coin is located at 30% and collected as the cube. After gameplay moves away from the ground and after descending down platforms with three overhead spikes, jump to the next platform and slide down onto the coin.

Is it back to track or back on track?

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