What happened to Wetseal?

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What happened to Wetseal?

Wet Seal returned with extended sizing, meaning the retailer is officially back and so much better than ever. Things weren’t going so swell for Wet Seal. The retailer filed for bankruptcy for the second time in its history in February 2017, so it looked like consumers would have to bid the brand a final adieu.

Is Wet Seal still in business?

Wet Seal is an American fast fashion retailer headquartered in Los Angeles, California….Wet Seal.

Former Wet Seal headquarters in Foothill Ranch, California
Founded 1962
Defunct January 27, 2017 (Retail stores only)
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Number of locations Currently online only

Why is it called Wet Seal?

Wet Seal was founded in 1962 as Lorne’s and was incorporated as Wet Seal in 1990. The name reportedly came from the founder’s wife who, at a fashion show, said a model in a bathing suit reminded her of a wet seal. In its heyday, the retailer expanded into multiple chains.

Who bought Wet Seal?

Canadian retail store chain Suzy Shier acquires Wet Seal. 1991: The Wet Seal chain comprises 112 stores.

Why did Contempo Casuals go out of business?

Contempo Casuals The Friedmans moved to Los Angeles in 1960 with their two children. Upon moving to Los Angeles, they liquidated businesses. After each liquidation, the unsold merchandise was put into storage where eventually items from fabric, drug, grocery, and women’s apparel stores grew to be too large.

When did Contempo Casuals close?

Perhaps the brand was already in financial trouble. Six years later, in 2001, Contempo Casuals disappeared from America’s malls when all of its remaining stores were converted into Wet Seals and Arden B (which are also now defunct).

What is a Wet Seal stamp?

Wet stamp or “seal” means the official hallmark of an engineer, surveyor or other licensed professional that is reproduced, via ink or embossing, on plans, plats, studies or the like prepared by such professional or under his direction, to prove its authenticity and/or to confirm its accuracy.

What year did Wet Seal go out of business?

Wet Seal was predominantly based in malls. In January 2015, it moved to close 338 out of a total 511 stores, signaling the end was in sight.

Is Contempo Casuals still in business?

Contempo operated under its original name until 2001, when its remaining stores were converted to Wet Seals and Arden B. Both Wet Seal and Arden B. stores have since been shuttered. It may have been the end of the Contempo Casuals name, but the memories still live on — for multiple generations.

Who bought Contempo Casuals?

Neiman Marcus
Wil Friedman cofounded what would become Contempo Casuals with his wife, Dottie, in 1962, and the brand was sold to Neiman Marcus’ parent company 16 years later.

Can a wet signature be scanned?

A ‘wet ink’ signature is where the parties to the document write (sign) their names with their own hands upon a paper document by ink pen. If a traditional wet ink signature on a piece of paper is scanned in to an electronic device, the scanned version is an electronic signature.

What are wet stamped drawings?

Where can I buy Wet Seal womens clothing?

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How long has Wet Seal been in business?

As a pioneer of fast fashion since 1962, the Wet Seal of today still delivers the latest trends – straight from the runway to wearable, everyday fashion. We offer a wide selection of women’s fashion and accessories so you can look and feel great from day to night.

Where did the name Wet Seal come from?

Wet Seal’s roots are totally SoCal but our girls and our styles are fashion-forward and far-reaching. As a pioneer of fast fashion since 1962, the Wet Seal of today still delivers the latest trends – straight from the runway to wearable, everyday fashion.

What makes Wet Seal a good shopping destination?

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