Is a top tube bag worth it?

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Is a top tube bag worth it?

A top tube bag is an especially handy addition to a bikepacking kit, or any bike luggage setup for that matter. Being an ideal cubby hole for stashing snacks and small items, they’re great accessories for any ride, no matter the distance.

Do top tube bags get in the way?

Having it mounted on the bike like this it doesn’t get in the way. You could even try and see how you go fitting one to the inside of the top tube on your seat post, if it is not wide. You might be thinking!

What is a Bento Box cycling?

Keep food, tools, and other goodies at your fingertips with these handy top-tube bags. Handy for bike touring, gravel racing, or long road rides, top-tube bags—also known as bento boxes by roadies and triathletes—are a great place to stash ride snacks and other easy-to-access goodies.

Are top tube bags Aero?

Stay energized throughout your rides with the versatile AERO Top Tube Fuel Bag offering easy access to all your cycling necessities while looking like part of the bike. Mount the AERO Pocket to your bike frame for aerodynamic, secure storage.

What is the top tube on a bike?

Top Tube. The top tube is commonly measured horizontally from the top tube/head tube junction to the seat tube. This measurement is referred to as the effective top tube length and allows a consistent measurement, even when a bike has a sloping top tube.

Are bike frame bags good?

Designed to sit inside your frame’s triangle, a bicycle frame bag is an incredibly effective way to carry some extra gear on your rides. Because it’s positioned at the center of the bike, a frame bag has no negative effect on handling and can even help to lower the bike’s center of gravity, increasing stability.

What is the top tube on a road bike?

The effective top tube length is the horizontal distance from the top tube/head tube junction to the seat tube. This measurement has become significant as more and more bikes are designed with sloping top tubes. Effective top tube length is one of three options for defining the length of the front triangle.

What is a bento bag?

Bento bags are a popular Japanese style of bag, more properly called azuma bukuro (or fukuro. There are different ways to sew bento bags. Whichever method you use, they end up the same shape. It is useful to know how to make these both ways, though, so that you can use scraps to make them.

What are top tube mounts for?

The Top Tube mount will sell for $39.99. Offered with both Garmin and Wahoo approved inserts, these plastic discs are designed to protect the mounting tabs on the computer in case you do manage to impact the GPS in a crash. There’s also a tether pass through for extra protection.

What frame bike do I need for my height?

#1 – Simple Size Chart

Your Height Bike Frame Size
5’7″ – 5’11” 16 – 17 inches
5’11” – 6’2″ 17-19 inches
6’2″ – 6’4″ 19 – 21inches
6’4″ and taller 21+ inches

Which is the best top tube bike bag?

. . Northseven Small Top Tube Bag – Lightweight & Aerodynamic | Low Profile Frame Bag for Triathlons & MTB | Holds 6 Gels, Pump, Keys, & Tools! . . .

What can you put in a top tube bag?

Top tube bags are one of the easiest ways to provide accessible storage for snacks, electronics, and repair kits. They’re designed to be slim and out of the way, secure neatly to your top tube, and are compatible with virtually any bike.

How does a top tube pack work on a bike?

We’ll keep to the drier but more descriptive ‘top tube bag’, rather than more pictorial alternatives for the purpose of this roundup. As you might expect, a top tube pack is mounted behind the head tube and secured by 2 or 3 velcro straps (or bolts) to the top tube and head tube – helping stabilise it from side-to-side movement.

How does a top tube bag work on a salsa bike?

The ability to mount the top tube bag directly to the top tube bolts as featured on many Salsa bikes (and some other gravel specific bikes too), means it’s hard to go past what appears to be a perfect pairing. The bag is accessed via a single top zipper that opens the main compartment that holds a whopping 1.2 liters of gear.

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