How old is Kevin Hanchard?

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How old is Kevin Hanchard?

47 years (July 4, 1974)
Kevin Hanchard/Age

Who plays Mariga?


Year Title Role
2013 Suits Colonel Mariga
2013 Lucky 7 Hank Langley
2013-17 Orphan Black Detective Art Bell
2014 Apple Mortgage Cake Melvin George

Who plays Castor in Orphan Black?

Ari Millen
Ari Millen is a Canadian film, television and stage actor. He is best known for playing the Castor Clones in the science fiction series Orphan Black, starting in 2014.

Who is Colonel Mariga in suits?

Colonel Emmanuel Mariga is a former soldier in Cape Town, Africa who was responsible for killing the opponents of Hessington Oil’s pipeline expansion.

Is Adele Felixs sister?

Adele is Felix’s biological half-sister who debuts in “The Stigmata of Progress”. She shares the same father as Felix, however they have different mothers. She is portrayed by Lauren Hammersley.

Does Harvey win the Hessington case?

In the end, Harvey and Mike reconcile, leaving Louis behind. After having pleaded guilty to bribery, Ava Hessington gets arrested because Cameron Dennis now wants to link her to the murders of six protestors committed by the foreign colonel she bribed.

Who is Clifford on suits?

(born June 19, 1980), better known as Neil Brown Jr., is an American actor….Television.

Year 2011
TV Show Suits
Role Clifford Danner
Appearance 2 episodes

Why are Helena’s eyes red?

Also odd: These earliest flashbacks tell us that Helena’s signature look, the wild mane of blonde hair and red-rimmed eyes, was the result of a punishment doled out by a nun she accidentally spied masturbating. The nun forced her head in a bucket and poured a chemical over it, presumably some kind of bleach.

Is Mrs’s good or bad?

S IS NOT ALL GOOD OR ALL BAD | Her recent behavior – kidnapping Kira, lying about Project Leda, showing off an ease with firearms – certainly put Mrs. I think she does love her, but there’s issues of trust on both sides.” And classifying Mrs. …

Why can Sarah and Helena have babies?

Because Sarah and Helena are identical twins they could have been from the “original” zygote which the scientists implanted and didn’t anticipate that it would split into twins.

What kind of an actor is Kevin Hanchard?

Kevin Hanchard is a veteran actor who, in recent years has become one of the nation’s most sought after performers. Although no stranger to film and television, this dynamic and versatile actor has made his name in the world of theatre. His knack for bringing a degree of humanity to flawed characters has become the hallmark of his career to date.

How old is Kevin Hanchard from Orphan Black?

Kevin Hanchard is a Canadian actor known for his roles as Det. Arthur Bell in Orphan Black and Inspector Sematimba in The Expanse. Hanchard was born on July 4, 1974, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is 44 years old as of July 2018.

When did Kevin Hanchard and his wife get married?

Kevin Hanchard Wife Hanchard married his wife Christine in 2004, and they have been together for 15 years now. The couple has two sons and one daughter.

When did Kevin Hanchard play Booth in underdog?

He has played leading roles in theatres across the nation, including several seasons at both The Shaw and Stratford Festivals and his critically acclaimed 2011 portrayal of Booth in TopDog/Underdog, garnered him one of his two Dora Mavor Moore nominations for outstanding performance by a male.

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