Are all SN95 spindles the same?

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Are all SN95 spindles the same?

Many salvage yards assume that all SN95 (1994-04) spindles are the same. They may confuse the 1994-95 spindles with the 1996-04 spindles. If you are not careful to identify the spindles, you may not get the ones you want. The different steering arms make visual identification of spindles very easy.

Can I use SN95 spindles on Foxbody?

These will be the closest overall geometry to the Fox and and will keep the overall track width roughly the same. The 96-04 spindle can still be easily used but these will have a slightly different position for the outer tie rod end and may cause bumpsteer in some cases. These will also kit the wheel out around 8 mm.

Will 1967 Mustang spindles fit 1966?

The 67 Spindles have a 1/2″ Longer steering arm than the 65 66 C5DA Spindle , and have a Different Taper on the Tie Rod. The actual hole at the top is the same, it is the taper of the tie rod pin. The rest of the spindles are the same (Of course the shoulders are shaped different), heigth, Ball joint design.

What transmission came in a 95 Mustang GT?

Transmission Options and Specifications Every 1995 Mustang that came with a manual transmission was equipped with one of many versions of the T-5 transmission.

What transmission came in a 94 Mustang GT?

Mustang (1994–1998) The base Mustang featured a 3.8 L OHV V6 mated to a standard 5-speed manual transmission or an optional AODE 4-speed automatic transmission.

What year did Mustang get disc brakes?

In 1967, the power disc brake option became available for the first time on early Mustangs. This newly designed system used a dual hydraulic system, which utilized a dual chamber master cylinder that controlled the front and rear brakes independently of one another.

Did the 67 Mustang have disc brakes?

If your ’67-’73 Mustang already has manual front-disc brakes, you can convert to power brakes. Conversely, if you have manual drum brakes and want to do the power-brake conversion first, that’s also possible. See all 35 photos 10 Install the new brake lines onto the calipers before installing the calipers on the car.

How much HP can a T5 transmission handle?

Registered. They are hit or miss, and it depends on how they are used. THey can break at stock power levels, and then they can last at like 350 hp.

How much torque can a tr3650 handle?

It is manufactured by Transmission Technologies Corporation and is rated for 360 lbf⋅ft (490 N⋅m) of torque. The loss in power transmission efficiency is rated at approximately 16% in 4th gear for a 2005–2010 Ford Mustang GT.

What kind of transmission is in a 95 Mustang GT?

TREMEC Super-Duty SN95 T5 Transmission for 94-95 Ford Mustang. The 94-95 SN95 Mustang/Cobra Super Duty T-5z is a step up from the T5’s used in the 1994-95 Mustangs. The gear sets in the earlier t5’s were built with a 3.35 first gear with a .

Did 65 Mustangs come with front disc brakes?

First year they came standard, or first year available? They were available in 1965 as an option. 1974 was the first year they came standard on the Mustang II.

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