What does it mean to weld someone?

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What does it mean to weld someone?

To weld is to use intense heat to merge two pieces of metal together. This word refers to other kinds of joining as well. That person — called a welder — was welding, which joins pieces of metal together through heat. Welding is a type of merging, joining, or connecting.

What does the word welding means?

: to become or be capable of being welded. transitive verb. 1a : to unite (metallic parts) by heating and allowing the metals to flow together or by hammering or compressing with or without previous heating. b : to unite (plastics) in a similar manner by heating.

What does it mean to wield something?

transitive verb. 1 chiefly dialectal : to deal successfully with : manage. 2 : to handle (something, such as a tool) especially effectively wield a broom. 3a : to exert one’s authority by means of wield influence.

What welled means?

welled; welling; wells. Definition of well (Entry 2 of 5) intransitive verb. 1 : to rise to the surface and usually flow forth tears welled from her eyes. 2 : to rise like a flood of liquid longing welled up in his breast.

How does a weld work?

Welding works by joining two materials together without a separate binder material. Unlike brazing and soldering, which use a binder that has a lower melting point, welding joins the two workpieces directly together.

What type of word is welding?

Welding can be a verb or a noun.

What is the meaning of word unaccustomed?

1 : not customary : not usual or common. 2 : not habituated —usually used with to. Other Words from unaccustomed Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About unaccustomed.

What is the meaning of piecemealing?

1 : one piece at a time : gradually. 2 : in pieces or fragments : apart. piecemeal.

What is well in Tagalog?

Best translations for the English word well in Tagalog: mabuti [adjective] fine; good; ok; well; advisable; doing good physically; good in character or conduct 46 Example Sentences Available » more…

What is well used for?

We use well as an adverb when something is done to a good standard or in a good way: He drives very well.

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