What is an MG TF?

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What is an MG TF?

The MG F and MG TF are mid-engined, rear wheel drive roadster cars that were sold under the MG marque by three manufacturers between 1995 and 2011. The remains of the MG Rover business were sold to Nanjing Automobile and the MG TF resumed production under the Nanjing owned MG Motor in 2007.

Is a Rover 75 a classic car?

If ever there was a car that has become the epitome of an up-and-coming classic, the Rover 75 is it. Already, there’s a strong following among classic enthusiasts and the 75 and ZT Owners Club is thriving, as one of the fastest growing car clubs in the UK.

How reliable is the Rover 75?

The 75 was almost certainly the best-built Rover ever. Early cars had their problems, but these were sorted out reasonably quickly and owners generally report that the 75 is well screwed together and trouble-free. However, there are weak spots.

What is the fastest MG?

American driver Phil Hill took the MG to 254.91mph. The enlarged 1506cc supercharged, twin cam engine, developed over 300bhp and remains the fastest MG ever.

When did the MG ZT-T estate go on sale?

Peter Stevens was the man in charge of sculpting the spoilers and the fruits of his labour went on sale in mid-2001 in the shape of the ZT. The ZT-T estate version followed hot on the heels of the saloon and, if anything, this was even easier on the eye.

What makes the MG ZT-T a good car?

Accommodation inside the ZT-T is a little snug compared to conventional estate cars but this could actually be one of its best features. The low ceiling and seating position create a very ‘sportscar’ effect, allowing driver and car to feel more connected than in any other medium range estate that springs to mind.

When did the MG ZT-T get a facelift?

In early 2004 a facelift radically, and somewhat controversially, changed the look of the car. A new grille derived from the SV coupe and reshaped headlights were the most prominent. features. 2005 saw the end of the ZTT and of MG Rover. In terms of image, the Rover 75 Tourer and the MG ZT-T are diametrically opposed.

What kind of car is the MG zt190?

The ZT190 certainly looks aggressive enough, with the squinting front lamps, deep spoilers and full dechroming treatment ridding the MG ZT of the geriatric appearance of the Rover 75.

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