Which was the last episode of Taggart with Mark McManus?

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Which was the last episode of Taggart with Mark McManus?

Prayer for the Dead
McManus’s final Taggart episode was “Prayer for the Dead” (1995). He was the first Taggart cast member to die; he was followed by Iain Anders (Jack McVitie) who died three years later in 1997, aged 64, from a heart attack.

Why was Taggart Cancelled?

ITV has axed the Scottish police drama Taggart after 28 years, in the wake of poor viewing figures south of the border. The programme’s future on ITV1 had been the subject of intense speculation for some time. ITV confirmed it had decided not to commission any further series of Taggart for the ITV network.

How many Taggart series are there?


Country of origin Scotland
Original language English
No. of series 27
No. of episodes 110 (list of episodes)

Was Jean Taggart really disabled?

Jean Taggart was the wife of DCI Jim Taggart. Jean Taggart in Death Call They married in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. Jean was in a wheelchair due to paralysis after giving birth to daughter Alison. When Jim died in 1994, Jean later appeared in her final episode Black Orchid.

Is Mark McManus still alive?

Deceased (1935–1994)
Mark McManus/Living or Deceased

How many murders are there in Taggart?

Taggart generally had at least one murder per episode and the manner of death could range from the mundane to the genuinely gruesome. In 1994’s Hellfire, we see a character slain on Walpurgis Night by a chainsaw-wielding murderer in an episode that took the series’ dark elements to a new extreme.

What happened to Jackie’s husband in Taggart?

To Jackie’s surprise, Robbie told her that she couldn’t let her job get to her and that she should start her life. Not you.” This is also the last time we see them together, as the next time we see Brian, it is revealed in A Death Foretold he is dying of terminal cancer in a hospice,with Jackie at his bedside.

Who is McManus brother?

Brian Connolly
Mark McManus/Brothers
Born in Hamilton, near Glasgow, in 1949, Connolly was probably the half- brother of the actor Mark McManus (who played the Scottish television detective Taggart).

What happened Jim Taggart?

THE actor who played the pathologist in the Scottish Television series Taggart died early yesterday morning after collapsing in the middle of a Burns night recital.

Does Jackie get married in Taggart?

But Jackie simply told him that if she was him, she wouldn’t let jealousy compromise the investigation. She was also furious with him for not telling her about the situation earlier. Jackie gets married to Brian in Falling in Love otball field.

What happened to Taggart?

GLASGOW, Scotland (AP) _ Mark McManus, best known for his television role as the tough-talking Scottish detective Taggart, died Monday. McManus, 60, died of pneumonia at Victoria Infirmary, Scottish Television said. He also had been suffering from depression since his wife Marion died of cancer in October.

Is Taggart dead?

When did Mark McManus start the TV show Taggart?

Taggart. McManus began playing the title character in the crime drama Taggart in September 1983 alongside Neil Duncan, Tom Watson and Robert Robertson. The pilot attracted an estimated 7.6 million viewers. When Duncan left the show in 1987, James MacPherson joined the show as the new character Michael Jardine.

Who was the Chief Inspector after Mark McManus died?

After the death of McManus in 1994, his character was given an on-air funeral in the final episode of the series’ 11th season, “Black Orchid”. In that same episode, the character of Michael Jardine, portrayed by actor James MacPherson, was promoted to Taggart’s position of Detective Chief Inspector.

Who was the actor who played Jim Taggart?

Mark McManus (21 February 1935 – 6 June 1994) was a Scottish actor, who also worked in England and Australia. McManus played Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart in the long-running STV television series Taggart for eleven years until his death.

Who are the writers of the TV show Taggart?

KILLER Writer – Glenn Chandler Director – Lawrence Moody Producer – Robert Love 6,13,20 September 1983 Mark McManus Neil Duncan Robert Robertson Tom Watson This was the pilot episode. Available on VHS and DVD

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