How is EUI-64 address calculated?

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How is EUI-64 address calculated?

IPv6 EUI-64 calculation

  • Split the MAC address in two halves (6 hex digits each).
  • Insert FFFE in between the two, making the interface ID.
  • Invert the seventh bit of the interface ID.

What is the EUI-64 process?

Modified Extended Unique Identifier 64 (EUI-64) is the process that allows a host to assign itself a unique IPv6 address. The host’s MAC address is converted into a 64-bit identifier, called a Modified EUI-64, and this value is appended to a 64-bit network prefix learned by other means.

How do you make EUI-64?

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  1. ipv6 address 2000:1::/64 eui-64.
  2. SCENARIO: Router R1 has a MAC address of 0015.2BE4.
  3. Step #1: Split the MAC address in the middle:
  4. Step #2: Insert FF:FE in the middle:
  5. Step #3: Change the format to use a colon delimiter:
  6. Step #4: Convert the first eight bits to binary:
  7. Step #5: Flip the 7th bit:

Does Slaac use EUI-64?

SLAAC is a method in which the host or router interface is assigned a 64-bit prefix, and then the last 64 bits of its address are derived by the host or router with help of EUI-64 process which is described in next few lines. SLAAC uses NDP protocol to work.

Why is the 7th bit flipped?

5 Answers. And RFC 2373 provides the ‘why’ behind flipping the 7th bit: The motivation for inverting the “u” bit when forming the interface identifier is to make it easy for system administrators to hand configure local scope identifiers when hardware tokens are not available.

How does an EUI-64 address stretch a MAC address from 48 to 64 bits?

What is the EUI-64 standard? The EUI-64 standard explains how to stretch 802.3 MAC addresses from 48 to 64 bits by inserting the 16-bit 0xFFFE at the 24th bit of the MAC address to create a 64-bit unique identifier.

What is the difference between DHCP and Slaac?

Deploying and configuring DHCP for IPv6 (DHCPv6) is one way to assign addresses on an IPv6-enabled network. Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC) is another way to assign addresses on an IPv6-enabled network. This presentation can help you decide whether you really need DHCPv6 on your network.

What is a Slaac address?

A. L. S. (StateLess Address Auto Configuration) The preferred method of assigning IP addresses in an IPv6 network. SLAAC devices send the router a request for the network prefix, and the device uses the prefix and its own MAC address to create an IP address.

What is the use of EUI-64?

EUI-64 (Extended Unique Identifier) is a method we can use to automatically configure IPv6 host addresses. An IPv6 device will use the MAC address of its interface to generate a unique 64-bit interface ID.

Which bit must be flipped in the EUI-64 process?

7th bit
EUI-64 IPv6: Why flip 7th bit of 1st byte.

What are two types of unicast addresses?

The most significant types are global unicast addresses, which are equivalent to IPv4 public addresses, and link-local addresses. These address types are discussed in detail in Chapters 5 and 6.

Why is the EUI-64 address format so important?

EUI-64 Address Format. EUI-64 in Automatic configuration is the most important aspect of IPv6 addressing. This is because an IPv6 host needs to be sure that the autoconfigured addresses are unique on a global level. There are two parts of this answer. The first part is about setting the prefix for this local network.

What is the IPv6 MAC address for EUI-64?

You have a IPv6 network prefix, usually this one is received with RA router advertisements in NDP protocol. This prefix is 2001:1234:AD:5555 and a MAC address of 00-1C-C4-CF-4E-D0, the resulting EUI-64 address is In this the bold portion of the address is actually the complete interface ID.

What does EUI-48 stand for in MAC address?

EUI-48 replaces the older term “MAC-48”. IEEE global identifier standard associated with 64-bit MAC addresses. These identifiers consist of 24-bits for the organization identifier, and 40-bits for the extension identifier.

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