Is Firestone tires better than Michelin?

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Is Firestone tires better than Michelin?

Cost: Firestone tires are cheaper than Michelin tires. For example, Firestone SUV tires are sold at a price of $169, while Michelin SUV tires cost $232. Durability: Firestone tires are not as durable as Michelin tires. Michelin tires can last as long as ten years, while Firestone tires can only last about three years.

Are Firestone Destination tires quiet?

Firestone Destination A/T All-Terrain tires, with their wide, aggressive treads, are more susceptible to producing higher levels of noise compared to other tires. The Fire Destination A/T, however, bucks the trend and is surprisingly comfortable and quiet to drive both on-road and off-road.

Is there a recall on Firestone Destination tires?

Voluntary safety recall includes approximately 1,923 Firestone Destination LE3 and Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus replacement tires. Tires included in this recall were manufactured between June 14, 2020 and August 8, 2020 and are marked with a specific press identification number.

Are Firestone all terrain tires any good?

For on and off road performance with your truck or SUV, the Destination A/T is one of the better tires available today. We like this tire for a variety of reasons. Traction and handling on almost any surface is outstanding. Steering response and feel are excellent.

Are Firestone destination at 2 good tires?

Mavis Discount Tire has received 8 tire reviews for the Firestone Destination A/T 2. This tire has received a 4 out of 5 Star rating with 81% of the respondents saying they would buy again. Deep Snow Traction and Light Snow Traction received the highest marks and total mileage that as been reviewed is 9,200.

How long do Firestone Destination tires last?

Owned by Bridgestone, the Firestone LE 2 is a high scoring tire with very good tread life of 65,000 miles to wearout based on CR’s test.

Are Firestone tires safe?

While it doesn’t boast quite the same reputation as Michelin or Goodyear, Firestone is well-regarded by tire industry experts. Firestone tires have treadwear warranties up to 70,000 miles and limited warranties for three to four years.

Why did Firestone tires fail?

Firestone argued that vehicle weight, tire design, low recommended inflation pressure, and lower tire adhesion for tires manufactured at the Decatur, IL factory contributed to the tire failures.

Where does the Firestone destination LE3 tire rank?

Moderate and even heavy rain is where the LE3 tire really shines. Grip and stability on wet surfaces is exceptional, and ranks near the top in a long list of All-season tires. Stopping on wet surfaces is also good, and is comparable with other All-season tires in it’s class.

What’s the weight of a Firestone destination tire?

Tire weight: Ranges from 23 to 38 pounds. Countries Of Origin: USA, Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. A solid 70,000 warranty comes with the fresh purchase of Destination LE3 tires. This is the highest mileage warranty that Firestone currently offers for any of their lines.

Which is the best Firestone Tire to buy?

As with most Firestone tires, additional limited warranties can be added. The Destination LE3 is a durable tire for road trips. This tire receives a high score in wet and winter conditions, making it a great choice. We believe currently this is one of the best All-season tires you can buy.

How is the Firestone LE3 high mile warranty?

The Firestone Destination LE3 scored a 89% out of a total of 100. Below is a breakdown of how this tire was rated in the chart provided. High mile warranty comes with the tire. Comfort level is high with minimal noise.

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