What superhero has a whip?

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What superhero has a whip?

Mark Scarlotti

Alter ego Marco Scarlotti
Team affiliations Maggia Death Squad Sinister Syndicate
Notable aliases Whiplash
Abilities Wears a bulletproof costume Wields a pair of cybernetically-controlled titanium whips Carries a variety of devices in a weapons pouch

Who is the fattest DC character?

Herbie is an antithetical hero – a short, obese, emotionless, terse, unstylish boy.

Who is the DC character with wings?


Publisher DC Comics
First appearance (Hall) Flash Comics #1 (January 1940) (Hol) The Brave and the Bold #34 (February–March 1961)
Created by Gardner Fox Dennis Neville
Characters show List

Who is the most useless DC superhero?

Here are the 15 Most Useless Superheroes in the DC Universe.

  • 8 Bat-Cow.
  • 7 Doll Man.
  • 6 Sixpack.
  • 5 Matter Eater Lad.
  • 4 Dogwelder.
  • 3 Color Kid.
  • 2 Arm-Fall-Off-Boy.
  • 1 Friendly Fire. Snagging the number one spot on this list of the DC universe’s most useless superheroes is Friendly Fire.

Who is the fattest superhero?

Big Bertha, also known as Ashley Crawford is an overweight superhero as well – in the Marvel comics, first appearing in West Coast Avengers vol. 2 #46 in 1989. Considering the name, she is considered to be overweight. Big Bertha has the ability to make herself stronger than most and durable than most also.

Are there any fat female superheroes?

A fat female superhero of course. Big Bertha might be the only overweight woman with superpowers in comic books, and she’s not even really overweight. Her alter ego, Ashley Crawford, is actually a 120 pound model.

Is Hawkman a bad guy?

The Batman Who Laughs is spreading his terrible corruption throughout the DC Universe, and now it has finally spilled over into the pages of Hawkman. As one of the darkest and most brutal villains in DC history, it’s no surprise he’s making his mark on multiple characters.

How does Hawkman hide his wings?

In the television series Smallville, Hawkman had actual wings that sprouted from his body and they were strong enough to protect him from a nearby explosion. In the New 52, Thanagarians lost their wings due to a disease spread by the Daemonites. After bonding with Nth metal, Katar Hol’s wings grew back.

Who is the dumbest Marvel character?

The 10 Worst Comic Book Characters In The Marvel Universe

  • Litterbug.
  • Doctor Bong.
  • Ruby Thursday.
  • Asbestos Lady.
  • Bird Brain.
  • Hellcow.
  • 3-D Man.
  • Leather Boy. The mere sight of Leather Boy’s shiny black costume is enough to have readers clawing at their eyes in an attempt to unsee it.

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