Are Pendleton blankets worth it?

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Are Pendleton blankets worth it?

Those familiar with Pendleton’s beloved wool blankets know what makes them worth the splurge. They’re soft, durable, and classic enough to inspire entire rooms. The company’s longevity is largely thanks to its roster of local wool shepherds, some of whom have been suppling the company for generations.

Are Pendleton blankets cultural appropriation?

The Pendleton Problem: When Does Cultural Appreciation Tip Into Appropriation? “They’re part of our cultural landscape,” says Aragon, who does polychromatic, non-traditional weaving. “Pendleton blankets become synonymous with Native Americans, I guess, although not being made by Native Americans at all.”

Is Pendleton going out of business?

— Pendleton Woolen Mills is closing its Sellwood clothing factory and moving the work to Mexico, where labor costs are lower. The closure begins Friday and the last of 119 workers will leave the 40-year-old factory Sept. 27, the family-owned company announced.

Why are some wool blankets so expensive?

Price—Unfortunately, high-quality blankets come with a hefty price tag. On the upside, a higher price typically means a greater percentage of the blanket’s materials are pure wool, resulting in a more durable, warm, and breathable product. Expect to pay more than $200 for cashmere and merino styles.

Are Pendleton blankets made by Native American?

Pattern Origins We make our blankets for Native Americans, but we don’t claim our products are made by them. Our company’s history is always part of our marketing and sales materials, and is available on our website. Pendleton blanket patterns are developed by in-house designers.

How can you tell if Pendleton is vintage?

Pendleton label from 1970 to 1994, with Woolmark logo on the tag. Shirts from the 1970’s to 1994 can be identified by the Woolmark Tag which remained unchanged until the early 1990’s. Label from 1994 to 2009, with a new font and no border.

Does Pendleton run small?

Sizing. Vintage Pendleton flannels tend to run small compared to modern US sizing.

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