What is a headboard with shelves called?

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What is a headboard with shelves called?

One of the best space-saving solutions you can get for your bedroom is a bookcase headboard. One of the best space-saving solutions you can get for your bedroom is a bookcase headboard. Aside from adding character to your bedroom, it can hold all your favorite books, as well as a few decorative pieces.

Are storage headboards good?

Having storage space on your headboard is an efficient way to store things. It takes very little space up from your room since it’s just part of your headboard. However, you can keep a lot of things in that space. The utility you receive from a headboard with storage will outweigh the costs.

Are headboards outdated?

For a while headboard were not considered on trend. In fact, it was seen as a piece of furniture you did not need. However, a tufted headboard has always been a classic you should have. Its undeniable style and beauty has ensured this furniture piece remains a classic for many more years to come.

Can I put a bookcase behind a bed?

Use a bookshelf as your headboard You will have to push your bed out a little more, so the bookshelf can fit behind the bed. In case of smaller spaces—you can use a taller, narrower bookshelf instead, and put the bookshelf behind your bed.

Can I use a bookcase as a headboard?

You can use bookshelves, artwork, pillows, old doors, just about anything to create a cool, one-of-a-kind headboard as seen on HGTV.

Should I buy bed with storage?

Buying a bed with storage gives you a great opportunity to gather up all those items, which would normally clutter up your room and giving you a smart and serene sleeping space. Beds with drawers offer a great solution for storing items which you need to hand but allowing them to be discreetly hidden out of sight.

What is a bed with storage underneath called?

Storage beds are beds that include hidden compartments for additional storage in your bedroom. Divan beds. Ottoman bed frames. Bed frames with drawers.

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