How to speed match DCC locomotives?

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How to speed match DCC locomotives?

Speed Match them at the Fastest Speed Step

  1. Depending upon your DCC system this will probably be either SS 100 or SS 128.
  2. Run the locos at the top speed and adjust the Faster one to match the Slower by using the Maximum Voltage (aka VMax or CV5 … or CV94 if you are using the speed tables).

What is speed matching?

The theory of speed matching is to get two or more locomotives to run at the same speed. Even locomotives from the same manufactures don’t necessarily run at the same speed. First program a locomotive with the following values.

What is a DCC consist?

Basic consisting is the simplest way of controlling more than one locomotive or decoder with a single DCC command. This could be two units that are semi-permanently run together as a single unit. An example is an F7A and B unit that each have there own decoders.

What is Decoder Pro?

The DecoderPro symbolic programmer is meant to improve this. It is configured using text files, so that it can be adapted to additional decoder types easily. It talks to the decoders using the JMRI programming interface, so that it can run on any computer and layout hardware that JMRI has been ported to.

What is a speed interview?

What is a speed interview? Speed interviewing gives employers the ability to meet with multiple candidates briefly in an organized and controlled way. Ten to 15 candidates attend a speed interview. One person interviews each candidate individually anywhere from five to 15 minutes.

How are multiple locomotives controlled?

Multiple locomotives work together using a series of cables between the locomotives that provide an electric current, keeping the trailing locomotives in sync with the leader. This is performed by a 27-pin connector, that attaches between locomotives in the consist, as well as air hoses controlling the braking system.

What is Jmri panel pro?

PanelPro provides four separate ways to create Panels: The Panel Editor lets you graphically draw a Panel exactly the way you want it, and then animate parts of it to show the status of your layout and let you click to control it. The Control Panel Editor works like Panel Editor but provides an alternative interface.

How do I set up Jmri?

JMRI® version 4.2 requires Java 1.8….When the JMRI download is ready, you will be asked to either save it to disk or directly run the installer.

  1. Installer start-up.
  2. Check for a previous version.
  3. Choose Users.
  4. Choose Components.
  5. Choose Install Location.
  6. Choose Start Menu Folder.
  7. Check for Java.
  8. Install files.

Is a 15 minute interview bad?

In general, a job interview should last about an hour. To get a good sense of who you are as an employee, hiring managers might ask dozens of possible interview questions. If a job interview only lasted 15 minutes, then it is a bad sign.

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