What does DS stand for Certina?

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What does DS stand for Certina?

Double Security
Sixty years ago, Certina, established in 1888, launched the innovative “floating movement” engineering concept named DS, short for Double Security. The idea back in 1959 was to offer the most robust and water-resistant watch ever.

Is Certina a luxury brand?

Certina S.A. is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded in Grenchen in 1888 by Adolf and Alfred Kurth, whereas unrelated Certina Holding AG is a German industrial conglomerate, founded by Hans Wehrmann. It is currently part of the Swatch Group.

How do I identify my Certina watch?

If you take a look at the back side of your vintage Certina, you’ll see (at least if it is from the 1950s to the mid-seventies, and the case back has not been polished) two numbers on the case back. These are the reference number and the serial number.

What is Certina watch?

The Certina DS is an extremely shock-resistant automatic watch with water resistance up to 20 bar (200 meters).

Is Certina good quality?

Although not a luxury brand like Panerai and Breitling, Certina is a high-quality brand that provides an introduction to well made Swiss watches. I’d put them alongside other mid-range Swiss brands like Tissot and Hamilton.

Is Certina a quality watch?

So, are Certina watches good quality? Yes. They are well-built watches with high-quality parts and Swiss craftsmanship to boot.

Are vintage Certina watches any good?

Where can I find the serial number on my watch?

How to Find Your Watch’s Serial Number

  1. If you have paperwork from the watch, the serial and reference numbers should be there.
  2. See if there’s a free online database of serial numbers from the company.
  3. Check the back of the watch.
  4. If the watch is a Rolex, check between the lugs.

Is Certina Swiss made?

All Certina watches – without exception – bear the “Swiss Made” seal of quality and origin, confirming their identity as authentic representatives of the fine art of Swiss watchmaking. The brand has been based in Switzerland since 1888 and remains deeply committed to its roots.

What is Certina double security?

In 1959, Certina introduced its ‘DS Concept’, standing for ‘double security’. This idea embodies the robust nature of the construction of its watches, which extends from the reinforced case to an intricate system of seals that protects the movement.

Is Certina better than Hamilton?

Certina is more focused on dress watches, whereas Hamilton is more focused on pilot watches. Personally, I chose to take a Certina DS-1 over contenders, including Hamilton. If you prefer Hamilton, I would recommend a solid timepiece like the Khaki Navy or the classic Khaki Field watch.

How accurate is Certina Precidrive?

The name of an innovative technology which ensures the utmost accuracy at Certina. The timepieces with Precidrive™ quartz movements achieve real chronometer precision. With a rate deviation of +/-10 seconds per year, a Precidrive™ timepiece is around eight to ten times more accurate than traditional quartz timepieces.

Which is the first generation of Certina DS?

Certina DS First C014.407.16.031.00 day-date diver 200m new… Certina DS Automatic – First generation “Patent Pending” -… Certina Urban DS First Lady Ceramic Chrono Mondphase Precidriv… Certina DS FIRST Chrono Ref 538718446 Quartz 100m Damenuhr…

What makes Certina watch 60 years of double security?

Discover the ‘Double Security’ concept that makes Certina watches so extraordinarily robust. Dive into the news with Certina’s new products, motorsports, 60 years of Double Security (DS) and the latest adventures of our partner, the Sea Turtle Conservancy.

What are the latest products of Certina watches?

Dive into the news with Certina’s new products, motorsports, 60 years of Double Security (DS) and the latest adventures of our partner, the Sea Turtle Conservancy. In 130 years we’ve climbed the world’s highest peaks, explored the ocean floor and supported the most exciting motorsports on earth.

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