What happened to YTV Bionix?

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What happened to YTV Bionix?

Bionix was a late night program block on YTV that aired mainly on Friday Nights between 2004 to 2010. It offered both old and new anime programs, some of which weren’t aired on YTV. The service did not last long as it was discontinued on December 17, 2009 and was replaced by YTV On Demand.

Does YTV anime still air?

The block primarily featured acquired Japanese anime series aimed at mature audience….Bionix.

Network YTV
Closed February 7, 2010
Country of origin Canada
Owner Corus Entertainment

What does the y in YTV stand for?

It is owned by YTV Canada, Inc., a subsidiary of Corus Entertainment. The channel and its programming is targeted at children and young teenagers; its name was originally thought to be an abbreviation for “Youth Television”, though the channel’s website has denied this.

Is YTV only in canada?

YTV is a Canadian English-language cable television specialty channel aimed at youth, available nationwide through cable and satellite television. Presently it is wholly owned by Corus Entertainment….

Country Canada
Language English
Broadcast area National
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When was Inuyasha on YTV?

The series aired in Canada on YTV’s Bionix programming block from September 5, 2003, to December 1, 2006. Viz collected the series in a total of 55 DVD volumes, while seven box sets were also released.

When was Naruto on YTV?

The Canadian television channel YTV will run the North American television premiere of “Departure,” the 220th and final episode from the first Naruto television anime series, on Saturday, December 5 at midnight EST/PST.

Was iCarly on YTV?

iCarly is a Nickelodeon TV show that aired in fall 2007. It starts with iPilot and it ends with iOMG. The main characters are Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Spencer Shay and Freddie Benson and Gibby. It aired in Canada on YTV .

Will the iCarly reboot be on YTV?

YTV Launches Nickelodeon’s Groundbreaking New Series iCarly, Monday, October 8 at 6:30 p.m. (Toronto, Canada) Canadian kids will now have access to one of the hottest shows from Nickelodeon, when iCarly premieres on YTV this Monday, October 8 at 6:30 p.m. ET/PT.

How do I get YTV?

You can visit YTV On Demand through your Service Provider. What’s available with YTV On Demand for Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw, and Shaw Direct: The exclusive home On Demand for The Loud House. Movies!

What does YTB mean?

you’re the best
YTB is a shortening of the name of video-content website Youtube. It can also be used to say you’re the best.

Where can i stream YTV?

Where to Watch

  • STACKTV. Visit: primevideo.com/stacktv. Available through Amazon Prime Video Channels.
  • Access Communications. 1-866-363-2225.
  • Bell Satellite. 1-888-759-3474.
  • Bell Fibe. 1-888-759-3474.
  • Bell Aliant. 1-866-301-1942.
  • MTS. 204-CALLMTS (204-225-5687)
  • Cogeco. 1-866-261-4447 (ON) | 1-866-921-5792 (QC)
  • Eastlink. 1-888-345-1111.

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