What movie is Peter Gabriel in your eyes from?

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What movie is Peter Gabriel in your eyes from?

Say Anything
The Peter Gabriel song “In Your Eyes” will forever be associated with John Cusack. In the 1989 film “Say Anything,” Cusack’s Lloyd Dobler courts Diane Court by holding a boombox playing that song over his head.

What was the song in Say Anything?

It’s become one of the most iconic shots in film history. Even if you’ve never seen Say Anything… you almost certainly know the moment. John Cusack with a boombox over his head as Peter Gabriel sings “In Your Eyes.” However, it turns out that moment was almost quite different.

Who wrote the song in your eyes?

Peter Gabriel
In Your Eyes/Composers

Who is the female singer with Peter Gabriel in your eyes?

Paula Cole

Paula Cole
Born April 5, 1968
Origin Rockport, Massachusetts, U.S.
Genres Pop rock
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter

What movies have songs been in?

Let us know in the comments below.

  • Yello: Oh Yeah (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, 1986)
  • Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive (Saturday Night Fever, 1977)
  • Huey Lewis And The News: The Power Of Love (Back To The Future, 1985)
  • Simple Minds: Don’t You (Forget About Me) (The Breakfast Club, 1985)
  • Berlin: Take My Breath Away (Top Gun, 1986)

Why is Say Anything called Say Anything?

American rock band Say Anything is named in reference to this film, with frontman Max Bemis stating it was a favorite of his growing up.

Why is Joan Cusack uncredited in Say Anything?

Finally, Joan Cusack’s performance as Lloyd’s sister (which gets disproportionate attention in the trailer) was uncredited: she’d just been nominated for an Oscar for “Working Girl,” but took the part as a favor to her li’l brother. 4. Eric Stoltz worked as a production assistant on the movie.

Who covered in your eyes?


Title Performer Release date
In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel May 19, 1986
In Your Eyes Beelzebubs 1990
In Your Eyes Harvard Radcliffe Opportunes 1993
In Your Eyes Hullabahoos 1994

What is in an eyeball?

Most of the eye is filled with a clear gel called the vitreous. Light projects through your pupil and lens to the back of the eye. The inside lining of the eye is covered by special light-sensing cells that are collectively called the retina. Eye color is created by the amount and type of pigment in your iris.

Who sings the song Something in Your Eyes?

The artist of the song Something in Your Eyes is Richard Carpenter

Who sings Heaven in Your Eyes?

(1987) “Heaven in Your Eyes” was a single released in 1986 by the Canadian rock band Loverboy, for the Top Gun soundtrack . It later appeared on Loverboy’s 1989 hits compilation Big Ones. The power ballad reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the U.S.

Who sang “I see the want to in Your Eyes”?

” I See the Want To in Your Eyes ” is a song written by Mischa Scorer and Wayne Carson . The song was first recorded by honky-tonk singer Gary Stewart and appeared on his 1975 album Out of Hand. Country music artist Conway Twitty heard Stewart’s version on the radio and decided to record it.

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