What happened on the 21st of June 2013?

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What happened on the 21st of June 2013?

An Israeli Jew was shot dead near Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Friday after a guard mistook him for a Palestinian militant, police say. Here, Israeli border policemen are seen inspecting their weapons before patrolling the local area. As many as 100,000 people have fled their homes in western Canada to escape flooding.

What is so special about the 21st of June?

Summer Solstice is observed on 21, June. It is the longest day in India with the longest period of daylight.

What special day is today June 21?

June 19, 2021: World Sickle Cell Awareness Day and World Sauntering Day. June 20, 2021: World Refugee Day. June 21, 2021: World Hydrography Day, International Yoga Day, World Fathers’ Day, World Music day.

What is the history of 21 June?

This Day in History: June 21 Japanese resistance on Okinawa was finally crushed this day in 1945, less than three months after U.S. troops landed there as the last stepping-stone before the planned assault on Japan’s main islands in World War II.

Why 21st June is the longest day?

Hyderabad: June 21 is the longest day of the year for those who reside north of the equator. It occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer, or more specifically right over 23.5 degree north latitude. On this day, the northern hemisphere receives most daylight from the Sun.

What do you celebrate in June?

30 Days to Celebrate in June

  • 01 of 30. June 1: World Milk Day.
  • 02 of 30. June 2: National Rocky Road Day.
  • 03 of 30. June 3: National Egg Day.
  • 04 of 30. June 4: Hug Your Cat Day.
  • 05 of 30. June 4: National Donut Day.
  • 06 of 30. June 6: National Gardening as Exercise Day.
  • 07 of 30. June 7: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.
  • 08 of 30.

Who was born 21st June?

Celebrity Birthdays: June 21

  • Allison Moorer. Country singer Allison Moorer is 49.
  • Benjamin Walker. Actor Benjamin Walker is 39.
  • Brandon Flowers. Rock singer Brandon Flowers is 40.
  • Carrie Preston. Actor Carrie Preston is 54.
  • Chandler Baldwin. Country musician Chandler Baldwin (LANCO) is 29.
  • Chris Pratt.
  • Don Airey.
  • Joey Kramer.

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