Does the Sprint Booster really work?

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Does the Sprint Booster really work?

Regardless of the fact that they can be perfectly replicated by pushing the pedal further, if you enjoy driving with a sprint booster then it’s a good thing. Try one out and see if you like it. However it is not a performance enhancement and won’t improve engine response or acceleration.

Does Sprint Booster void warranty?

Sprint Booster V3 doesn’t void the warranty on your car! No matter you drive a Toyota or Chevy truck, or a BMW or Mercedes sports car, you’ll never have an issue with your warranty when a Sprint Booster is installed. If you’re still worried, it’s easy to disconnect the Sprint Booster from the pedal of your car.

Does Sprint Booster improve 0 60?

Re: how much does the sprint booster cut from the 0-60? yes but when you floor it, the throttle won’t open up right away because of the lag. but without that lag it would open sooner, giving you more gas sooner, reaching 60 mph faster.

Are throttle boosters worth it?

Yes, in our experience we think throttle response controllers are well worth the money. It will make for a really fun and exciting ride with more control. ShiftPower is much safer than gas pedal mods or other aftermarket products because we connect pedal directly and not to other modules or electronics.

Does Sprint Booster improve 0 to 60?

What does Sprint Booster do?

Sprint Booster might very well be the “smartest” gadget on your car. It is a device that improves acceleration by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal provided by the ETC’s potentiometer, and providing the ECM with a new and altered signal.

Which throttle controller is the best?

The EVC Throttle Controller is an award winning (SEMA 2018 Global Media Award) throttle response controller that allows you to tune the responsiveness of your vehicle’s engine.

Can you change sprint booster while driving?

Never change this selection while driving. Once you start your engine for the first time after you install the Sprint Booster , the device will be in Race mode on program 5 (Acceleration programs 5-6).

Are throttle controllers bad?

No, throttle controllers are not bad for your car or truck. They do not directly connect with any programming modules and only manage electrical current in the gas pedal.

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