Is Colwall a nice place to live?

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Is Colwall a nice place to live?

MALVERN has been named as one of the best places to live in the UK by the Sunday Times. Judges praised Malvern’s historic town centre, fine architecture and connections to Elgar in The Sunday Times Best Places to Live guide.

Is Colwall in Herefordshire and Worcestershire?

Colwall parish stretches down the western slopes of the Malvern Hills on the south eastern corner of Herefordshire up against the county’s border with Worcestershire, four miles north east of Ledbury.

Which county is Colwall in?

Colwall is a civil parish in Herefordshire, England, situated on the border with Worcestershire, nestling on the western side of the Malvern Hills at the heart of the AONB….

Unitary authority Herefordshire
Ceremonial county Herefordshire
Region West Midlands
Country England

What county are the Malvern Hills in?

One, just south of Ludlow, is in the South Shropshire region of the administrative county of Shropshire. The others are in the Malvern Hills district of the administrative county of Worcestershire: one is the area between Leigh Sinton and Acton Green, and the other is the parish of Stoke Bliss.

Is Malvern posh?

Malvern is nice. Bit over priced and tends toward being a bit too posh for its own good. You could just live in the surrounding area like Ledbury or Hereford and pop across when you want to.

Where should I live in Great Malvern?

Good neighbourhood. Malvern is a small town and most areas of Malvern are nice. The main areas in Malvern are Great Malvern, Malvern Link, West Malvern. If you want to live very close to the Malvern Hills, West Malvern will be the part of Malvern you should be considering.

Where is Malvern water from?

Malvern Water is a brand of bottled drinking water obtained from a spring in the range of Malvern Hills that marks the border between the counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire in England. The water is a natural spring water from the hills that consist of very hard granite rock.

What area is Hereford?

Hereford is a cathedral city and is the county town; with a population of approximately 61,000, it is also the largest settlement….Herefordshire.

Herefordshire County of Herefordshire
Area 2,180 km2 (840 sq mi)
• Ranked 8th of 326
Population 192,801
• Ranked 98th of 326

How far is Malvern from Welsh border?

The distance between Wales and Great Malvern is 62 miles. The road distance is 67.3 miles.

Is Malvern expensive to live?

MALVERN is one of the most expensive places to live in the county despite paying some of the lowest wages, figures have shown. Data from the National Housing Federation has revealed the district house price to salary ratio of 13.4 was higher than anywhere in the entire West Midlands.

Can you still buy Malvern water?

Since the owners, Coca-Cola Enterprises, closed their Colwall plant in November 2010, Malvern Water is now exclusively bottled on a smaller scale by the family-owned Holywell Water Company Ltd under the name Holywell Malvern Spring Water who offer the water in still and sparkling (carbonated) versions.

Where is the Wellington Inn in Colwall Herefordshire?

Start by choosing a category from below and then follow the steps given Open. The Wellington borders Eastnor Castle Estate and the Malvern Hills at the base of British Camp (Herefordshire Beacon) and there are a multitude of potential circular walks from our Pub set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Where is Colwall on the border of Worcestershire?

Colwall is a civil parish in Herefordshire, England, situated on the border with Worcestershire, nestling on the western side of the Malvern Hills at the heart of the AONB.

Where is the Wellington pub in Malvern Hills?

The Wellington is a traditional country pub with oak beams and open fires giving a warm cosy atmosphere. The pub is located on the western face of the Malvern Hills just below British Camp (Herefordshire Beacon) so its beer garden basks in the evening sun and looks out over some of the most beautiful countryside in England.

Where is the Iron Age British camp in Colwall?

A feature of Colwall is the view of the Iron Age British Camp ( Herefordshire Beacon ), which largely falls within the southeast corner of the parish. The towns of Ledbury and Malvern are 5 miles (8.0 km) southwest and 3 miles (4.8 km) northeast respectively from Colwall Stone, via the B4218.

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