How do I contact a game warden in Ohio?

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How do I contact a game warden in Ohio?

Phone: 501-223-6381. 2.7M posts. Phone: (330) 451-2343. Ohio Game Warden.

What authority does a game warden have in Ohio?

Ohio’s wildlife officers are fully commissioned law enforcement officers and therefore have statewide jurisdiction when it comes to enforcing conservation laws, firearms regulations, and preventing illegal dumping and littering.

How long does it take to be a game warden in Ohio?

Training Requirements: Game warden training: 44 weeks of field training at the first post of duty.

What is the average salary for a game warden in Ohio?

$55,390 per year
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average game warden in the state of Ohio makes a median salary of $55,390 per year.

How hard is it to become a game warden in Ohio?

The Division of Wildlife is the oldest state agency with law enforcement officers and the position is one of the most demanding in the wildlife and law enforcement field. Opportunities are limited, and competition is intense for this challenging job, but it may be the right choice for you if you have what it takes!

How much does a game warden make?

National estimates for Fish and Game Wardens:

Employment (1) Employment RSE (3) Mean annual wage (2)
7,230 0.4 % $ 57,810

Can a game warden come on private property in Ohio?

Any regularly employed salaried wildlife officer may enter any private lands or waters if the wildlife officer has good cause to believe and does believe that a law is being violated. of the Revised Code or division rule, the officer shall seize it and arrest the person in whose custody or possession it was found.

Do you have to go to college to be a game warden in Ohio?

Applicants must be 21 years old and possess a valid Ohio driver’s license. An associate degree or completion of an undergraduate core program in natural resources, fish and/or wildlife management, criminal justice, environmental law enforcement or related fields is also required.

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