Will Raees 2 come?

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Will Raees 2 come?

In a Twitter conversation with director Rahul Dholakia, Sidhwani seems to be confirming that the movie will indeed get a sequel. Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees was one of the few movies that turned out to be hit at the box-office in 2017 and the actor was also praised for his performance.

Where is Raees available?

All release dates

Cinema Release Date Wednesday January 25, 2017
DVD Release date Friday May 5, 2017
Netflix DVD release date Friday May 5, 2017
Netflix streaming Available – stream Raees on Netflix now

What is the story of Raees?

Threat looms over bootlegger Raees Alam and his business after ACP Majmudar decides to get the better of him. In order to survive and keep his trade thriving, Raees must overcome these obstacles.
Raees/Film synopsis

Is Raees based on real story?

The 2017 Bollywood film Raees is said to be based on Latif’s life. In April 2016, Latif’s son filed a lawsuit for defamation against the makers of the film, saying the film misrepresented his father. The film was declared to be a work of fiction.

Who is Raees in real life?

Abdul Latif
Raees Alam i.e Shah Rukh Khan’s character in Raees is a gangster in Gujarat who starts his criminal empire by dealing in illicit liqour. The character, though not confirmed by the film’s makers, is rumoured to be based on real-life gangster Abdul Latif who was a terror throughout Gujarat.

Does Netflix have Raees?

After street smart kid Raees rises to become Gujarat’s bootlegging king in the 1980s, he tries to balance his life of crime with helping his people. Mahira Khan, Pakistan’s leading female actor, makes her Bollywood debut in this crime drama.

On which platform is Raees available?

Raees: Amazon.in: Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Mahira Khan, Rahul Dholakia, Shah Rukh Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Movies & TV Shows.

Is Raees true story?

Is fan a true story?

Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of Gaurav in ‘Fan’ has been super-impressing cinegoers. But not many people would know that the character is actually based on one of SRK’s real-life fans. As per a report, the character is based on a jabra SRK fan named Deepak Kalra.

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