Who is the doctor Jhatka?

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Who is the doctor Jhatka?

Jhatka (Hindi: डॉ. झाटका) is a scientist who resides in Furfuri Nagar. He owns a laboratory where he usually creates new gadgets. He likes to find guinea pigs for his experiments and Motu usually becomes one.

Are Motu and Dr Jhatka brothers?

Jhatka, Chela Motu-Patlu – two brothers one fat ( Motu ) and another slim ( Patlu ), who were shown being involved in silly plots and were shown as idiots. The supporting characters with them were Master Ghasita Ram, Dr. Jhatka, Chela Ram, Dhela Ram and Anguthanand….Motu Patlu And Doctor Jhatka.

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What does Motu love eat?

Motu: Motu is a plump man who serves as one of the central protagonists of this show. He likes to eat samosas which increase his power drastically, giving him the ability to defeat his normally superior rivals.

What is the age of Motu Patlu?

He is a short, fat man in his 30’s-40’s.

Why is Motu Patlu famous?

Worldwide, Motu Patlu was the 4th most searched TV show. The website indiantelevision.com states that Motu Patlu has 400 episodes, 18 TV movies and a theatrical feature film. Further proof of the massive success of the show is that it garnered 3 billion views on WowKidz.

Is Furfuri Nagar real?

Neigboring Towns. Furfuri Nagariya (Hindi: फुरफुरी नगरीया), commonly referred to as Furfuri Nagar, is a fictional town where Motu Patlu takes place and the other characters reside. It also has few neighboring towns like Sursuri Nagar, Kamalpur, and Modern City.

Why is Motu Patlu bad?

For one, the naming of the main characters is problematic. They are identified by the size of their bodies and to make matters worse, they seem to reinforce stereotypes-Motu is fatter, dumber and unable to control his craving for samosas while Patlu is thinner, smarter, and often irritated at Motu’s stupidity.

Is Motu Patlu popular in India?

Cosmos-Maya‟s massively popular IP, Motu Patlu has been declared the 9th most searched keyword in India for the year 2018 by Google Trends. Speaking on the development, Anish Mehta, CEO Cosmos-Maya said, “Motu Patlu is our biggest property. …

In which country Motu Patlu is famous?

Nickelodeon India’s hit CG-animated series Motu Patlu is widely regarded as one of India’s favourite cartoon series, and the show is now becoming increasingly popular internationally, including across the border, in China!

What Motu means?


Acronym Definition
MOTU Master(s) of the Universe
MOTU Mark of the Unicorn (audio hardware)
MOTU Mobile Optical Tracking Unit
MOTU Mobile Technical Unit

Which country made Shiva cartoon?

Shiva is an Indian animated action television series currently airing on Nickelodeon sonic . The series in produced by Cosmos-Maya and Viacom18. It is one of the highest rated television kids show in India.

Who is Dr Jhatka in Motu Patlu?

Dr. Jhatka is a scientist who resides in Furfuri Nagar. He owns a laboratory where he usually creates new gadgets. He likes to find guinea pigs for his experiments and Motu usually becomes one. Ghasitaram also works with him in the lab. He is also a PhD doctor but does not treat his patients well so they run away from him.

How did dr.jhatka Ke Dadaji get his name?

Dr. Jhatka’s way of talking is like a sardar, as a result he is referred to as Punjabi. In the episode Dr. Jhatka ke Dadaji, it was revealed that he was named after his grandfather. According to Chamatkari Chasma, Dr. Jhatka’s ancestors loved collecting glasses.

Why does Dr Jhatka beat his foolish patient?

In Duplicate Patlu, he beat his foolish patient because of their stupidity. His inventions can also be used against him and his friends. Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram are very close. They have been seen to work together in competitions. Ghasitaram and Dr. Jhatka work together in his lab.

What kind of shirt does Dr Jhatka wear?

In the newer episodes of Motu Patlu, he wears a violet shirt, a yellow shirt, a green tie, and brown pants. Dr. Jhatka is a generous and helpful person who also knows English.

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