What is the best synonym for verifiable?

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What is the best synonym for verifiable?

Synonyms & Antonyms of verifiable

  • checkable,
  • confirmable,
  • demonstrable,
  • empirical.
  • (also empiric),
  • provable,
  • supportable,
  • sustainable.

What does it mean to be verifiable?

capable of being verified
: capable of being verified.

What are the synonyms of Verify?

synonyms for verify

  • authenticate.
  • certify.
  • corroborate.
  • demonstrate.
  • establish.
  • find out.
  • prove.
  • substantiate.

Which is the closest synonym for the word validity?

synonyms for validity

  • effectiveness.
  • efficacy.
  • gravity.
  • legality.
  • legitimacy.
  • potency.
  • soundness.
  • substance.

What is a verifiable fact?

1 to prove to be true; confirm; substantiate. 2 to check or determine the correctness or truth of by investigation, reference, etc.

What is verifiable truth?

Hans Kelsen An important difference between the truth of a statement and the validity of a norm is that the truth of a statement is verifiable — i.e. it must be possible to prove it to be true or false — while the validity of a norm is not.

What is an example of verifiable?

Verifiable Sentence Examples These visions are totally verifiable in current time. Anything over 500 dollars must be proven to the IRS, so be sure to obtain a verifiable receipt signed off by the charity.

What is the verb of verification?

verb (used with object), ver·i·fied, ver·i·fy·ing. to prove the truth of, as by evidence or testimony; confirm; substantiate: Events verified his prediction.

What is the best synonym of validity?


  • legal acceptability, authenticity, correctness, bona fides, genuineness.
  • lawfulness, legality, legitimacy, binding nature, contractual nature.
  • force, effect, effectiveness.

Is verifiable a real word?

Something is scientifically verifiable if it can be tested and proven to be true. Verifiable comes from the verb verify, “authenticate” or “prove,” from the Old French verifier, “find out the truth about.” The Latin root is verus, or “true.”

What is theory of verification?

The verification theory of meaning aims to characterize what it is for a sentence to be meaningful and also what kind of abstract object the Meaning of a sentence is.

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