Which is the best police drama on TVB?

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Which is the best police drama on TVB?

Forensic Heroes 法政先鋒 Forensic Heroes is an iconic TVB crime series unbeknownst to many. Complementing the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) with the sophisticated art of forensic science, this is one crime/investigation drama that should not be missed.

Which is the highest rated TVB drama of 2016?

Highest-rated drama series of 2016 Rank English title Chinese title Average HK viewers (millions) 1 A Fist Within Four Walls 城寨英雄 30.7 1.99 2 Short End of the Stick 公公出宮 30.5 1.97 3 House of Spirits 一屋老友記 29.7 1.92 4 Speed of Life 鐵馬戰車 28.6 1.85

Are there any TV dramas in Hong Kong?

This is a list of television serial dramas released by TVB in 2016. The following is a list of TVB’s top serial dramas in 2016 by average ratings. The list includes premiere week, final week, and the finale episode ratings, as well as the average overall count of live Hong Kong viewers (in millions).

Which is the best TVB series of all time?

In this particular post, I’ll be sharing with you a list of 20 All-time Best Dramas created by TVB. Hope you like it. 0.1 1. Line Walker | 使徒行者 0.2 2. Journey to the West | 西遊記 0.3 3. The Hippocratic Crush | On Call 36小時 0.4 4. Moonlight Resonance 0.5 5. Forensic Heroes | 法證先鋒 0.6 6. Beyond the Realm of Conscience | 宮心計 0.7 7.

Is the TV show Raising the bar realistic?

Raising The Bar takes a fresh angle on the oft-seen TVB legal drama. Instead of the typical case-by-case structure, this series focuses on the daily routines of a lawyer. The depiction of a lawyer’s job is fairly realistic and shows the less glamorous side of the profession.

Who is Senior Inspector Linus Yiu in TVB?

Translating to the ‘Mind-reading Detective’, Senior Inspector 姚學琛 Linus Yiu (played by 林保怡 Bowie Lam) has mastered the skills of Facial Action Coding System, body language study, microexpression interpretations and applied psychology to solve criminal investigations. The show takes you on an interesting crime-solving journey.

Is the movie Burning Hands a good drama?

Burning Hands was not a bad drama, but let’s just say that there was expectation for it to be so much more. Especially with the big cast, the drama was especially disappointing. Firstly, we were unimpressed with the changing focuses of the plot. It started off as a revenge plot with the con-artist schemes.

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