How many Covenant fleets are there?

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How many Covenant fleets are there?

The Covenant Fleet is an organization of ships within the Navy of the Covenant Empire. It is unclear exactly how Fleets are organized or how many there are, but depending on the time, there are at least several hundred, with each fleet being essentially a self-sustaining armada.

What is the most powerful Covenant ship?

The CSO-class supercarrier
The CSO-class supercarrier is an extremely powerful, heavy warship classification and the largest class within the Covenant Navy.

What are the big Covenant ships called?

The Covenant were known for their larger capital ships including the RCS-class armored cruiser, the ORS-class heavy cruiser and the Covenant supercruiser. On top of this, they operated various large carrier classes. Finally, they were known to use heavily armed battleships.

What are the ships in Halo called?


Class Ship Name Status
Infinity-class supercarrier UNSC Infinity Active
Orion-class assault carrier UNSC Orion Unknown
Phoenix-class carrier UNSC Spirit of Fire Active but officially listed as lost with all hands.
Poseidon-class light carrier UNSC Milwaukee Active

What happened to the shadow of intent?

At the start of the Great schism during the Battle of High Charity, Shadow of Intent was captured by Jiralhanae forces and turned against the Sangheili fleets outside High Charity. In retaliation a strike force led by Rtas ‘Vadum went aboard the ship to re-take control.

What is the biggest ship in Halo?

The largest known ship in the Halo canon is the Mantle’s Approach, a vast Forerunner vessel used by the Didact in Halo 4. It was built for the Human-Forerunner War but was revived when the Didact made his attack on Earth in Halo 4.

How big is a CSO supercarrier?

28,960 meters

CSO-class supercarrier
Length: 28,960 meters (95,013 ft 1 in)
Width: 11,447 meters (37,555 ft 9 in)
Armament: Energy projectors Plasma turrets Pulse laser turrets
Crew: Sangheili

What is the strongest ship in Halo?

Anonymous UNSC crewman, on the Thermopylae-class supercarrier. and thus cannot carry as many ground troops or fighters, but it proved far more useful as a command ship for deep strikes into unknown Covenant territory….

Thermopylae-class supercarrier
NAVIGATION SYSTEMS UNA-assisted navigation computer

How long is a Covenant ship?

Overview. The Covenant CCS-class cruiser is one of the most recognizable ships in the Covenant fleet and, at nearly 2km in length, one of the largest.

What is the biggest human ship in Halo?

The UNSC Infinity-Class Supercarrier is the largest class of human ships ever constructed.

Do you feel lucky Halo?

The UNSC Do You Feel Lucky? was a destroyer in the UNSC Navy….

UNSC Do You Feel Lucky?
Production information
Armament: Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (2) Shiva missiles (3) Oversized Archer Missile pods (26)
Service information
Destroyed: 2535

Does shadow of intent sing about Halo?

They were inspired by Halo and the name “Shadow of Intent” came from a ship in the game series bearing the same name. Duerr describes himself as a Halo nerd and stated that their music follows the storyline of the Halo novels.

What is the largest Covenant ship?

The CSO-class supercarrier is an extremely powerful, heavy warship classification and the largest class within the Covenant Navy . Multiple supercarriers of the Second Fleet of Homogeneous Clarity defended the massive space station of High Charity and one such vessel served as the flagship of the Combined Fleet of Righteous Purpose.

What was the biggest Covenant ship?

The Long Night of Solace is a CSO Supercarrier, which is the largest ship in the Covenant navy. Other Covenant ships include :

What is a Covenant ship?

Covenant Ship. Covenant Ship was a level in Halo 2 that was going to take place after the level Cairo Station, and before the level Outskirts, on a Covenant Assault Carrier, and would have served as Commander Miranda Keyes’ main introduction.

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