What are synonyms and antonyms for vegetate?

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What are synonyms and antonyms for vegetate?

vegetate. Synonyms: grow, sprout, germinate, idle, bask, pullulate, hibernate. Antonyms: fade, pine, wither, decay, rot, stir, bustle, work, energize, operate.

What is the opposite of vegetation?

Opposite of green foliage or vegetation. sparseness. barrenness.

What is an antonym for astonish?

Opposite of to confuse or confound with something surprising or shocking. enlighten. unconfuse.

What is the best antonym for maintain?

antonyms for maintain

  • finish.
  • halt.
  • let go.
  • neglect.
  • stop.
  • take.
  • waste.
  • forget.

What is the synonym of vilify?

Frequently Asked Questions About vilify Some common synonyms of vilify are asperse, calumniate, defame, malign, slander, and traduce. While all these words mean “to injure by speaking ill of,” vilify implies attempting to destroy a reputation by open and direct abuse.

What vegetated mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to lead a passive existence without exertion of body or mind. 2a : to grow in the manner of a plant also : to grow exuberantly or with proliferation of fleshy or warty outgrowths. b : to produce vegetation.

What is the synonym of vegetation?

Synonyms of vegetation

  • flora,
  • foliage,
  • green,
  • greenery,
  • herbage,
  • leafage,
  • verdure.

What is the opposite of vegetative?

vegetal, vegetive, vegetational. Antonyms: voluntary, sexual. vegetal, vegetational, vegetativeadjective. composed of vegetation or plants.

What’s a word for not surprised?

What is another word for not surprised?

unsurprised nonplussed
unconcerned unruffled
unvexed unworried
composed placid
serene tranquil

What is the synonyms for astonish?

Synonyms of astonish

  • amaze,
  • astound,
  • bowl over,
  • dumbfound.
  • (also dumfound),
  • flabbergast,
  • floor,
  • rock,

Is the opposite term for maintaining?

What is the opposite of maintain?

neglect abandon
disregard forsake
disown ignore
overlook reject
spurn forget

Which word in para 2 conveys the opposite of similar?

The opposite of ‘Similar’ is ‘Diverse’.

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