Is the gate academy free?

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Is the gate academy free?

As a relief to their Registered Classroom Course, THE GATE ACADEMY, has extended access to its LIVE Online Course, ‘homeGATE’, free of cost to its students. However, most of the coaching institutes, across India, including the bigger and older ones, are not equipped with such hi-tech online courses.

What is the fees of Gate Academy?

GATE : 1 Year Foundation Course + OTS

Exam Exam year Tuition fee
GATE 2023 55932.20/-
GATE 2023 52966.10/-

Which academy is best for GATE exam?

Top 10 GATE Coaching Institutes in India

  • GateForum.
  • The Gate Academy.
  • Engineers Academy.
  • Brilliant Tutorials.
  • Engineers Zone Education Pvt Ltd.
  • Pathfinder Academy Pvt Ltd.
  • T.I.M.E.
  • Vani Institute.

Can I clear GATE 6 months?

It is advised to start preparing early, preferably in the pre-final year of course so that students have ample time to cover the entire GATE syllabus . However, students with good basic understanding of all subjects covered in GATE can crack the exam in as less as 6 months preparation and that too with a good score.

Can I prepare for gate without coaching?

Question: Is it possible to crack GATE exam without coaching? Answer: Its not the tag of coaching but self determination and preparation which lands a candidate to crack GATE exam 2021. Thus, coaching is not at all a must.

What is the salary of gate faculty?

Average THE Gate Academy Faculty salary in India is ₹ 6.4 Lakhs for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 3 years. Faculty salary at THE Gate Academy ranges between ₹ 6 Lakhs to ₹ 7 Lakhs.

Is GATE exam tough?

Now, the next most likely question that could get asked is “How Tough is GATE.” Since we have already established that while many consider GATE a challenging exam, it is not too tough, as many students have aced the exams over the years. It will be easy to crack the GATE exam if the students work hard towards it.

How can I prepare for GATE without coaching?

“Mock tests and sample papers are very important in any exam including GATE while preparing without coaching. I gave mock tests and sample papers before the exam and also throughout the preparation.

How many attempts are there for GATE?

There is No Restriction on the number of GATE attempts. One can enroll and appear for the exam as many times as they want.

How many hours should I study for GATE?

Experts suggest that candidates should at least give 6-8 hours daily for their studies, so candidates must keep this in mind. Candidates can also edit this plan according to their convenience but they should be regular in whatever timetable they set up for the preparation.

How can I self study for GATE?

The Do’s and Dont’s for Those Who Are Self-Studying for GATE Exam

  1. Understanding the GATE syllabus.
  2. Collect important information and resources.
  3. Begin your preparation with dedication.
  4. Make proper revision notes.
  5. Practice tests and Quizzes.
  6. Solve the papers from previous year.
  7. Study only high quality and relevant books.

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