Why was R&B divas Cancelled?

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Why was R&B divas Cancelled?

” ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ has not been canceled. There has been no definitive decision made by the network. Yeah, contracts have expired. We have not renewed any of the cast contracts.

Who created R&B divas?

It drew a total of 834,000 viewers on its original airing night….

R&B Divas: Los Angeles
Executive producers Leslie Greif Adam Reed Adam Freeman Phil Thornton Paul Coy Allen Aaron Fishman Faith Evans Nicci Gilbert BennyWond3r
Producer Lamar Chase
Running time 41 to 43 minutes
Production company Thinkfactory Media

When did r& b Divas come out?

August 20, 2012
R&B Divas: Atlanta/First episode date
The series premiered on August 20, 2012, with the premiere delivering a ratings record for TV One, with almost 900,000 viewers tuning in for the show’s first episode. R&B and soul singer Angie Stone and LaTocha Scott, formerly of the R&B group Xscape, joined the cast for season 2.

What channel is the r& b Divas on?

About R&B Divas | R&B Divas | TVONE.TV. Former Destiny’s Child member LaTavia Roberson and former 702 lead singer Kameelah Williams join original cast members Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt, Angie Stone and Monifah Carter as the ladies seek higher recognition in the music industry.

How can I watch R&B divas Atlanta?

Select your subscription streaming services

  1. Netflix.
  2. HBO Max.
  3. Showtime.
  4. Starz.
  5. CBS All Access.
  6. Hulu.
  7. Amazon Prime Video.

How old is Claudette Ortiz?

40 years (July 21, 1981)
Claudette Ortiz/Age

Did Ryan Toby hit that note?

Her rapping was improvised. The famed high note performed by Ryan Toby (Ahmal) during the “Oh, Happy Day” song is an E natural high, one of the highest and toughest notes to hit for singers and vocalists. Toby was sixteen years old during the shooting of this movie.

Who was the girl in city high?

Claudette Ortiz
Willingboro, New Jersey, U.S. Claudette Ortiz (born July 21, 1981) is an American singer, model, television personality, and actress, most famous as the female in the R&B group City High. Ortiz also was a castmate in TV One’s reality series R&B Divas: Los Angeles.

Can Whoopi Goldberg really sing?

Whoopi can really sing? We finally realize that the decent sister can win one, but it’s not really actress Wendy Makkena who sings. She was voiced by singer Andrea Robinson. However, Whoopi sang her song.

Why did City High break up?

The reason I left city high was because at 21 I had my first son and I had to rethink the environment I was going to be raising my child in. So I decide to leave the group.” On her solo career: It was hard to juggle, so I was trying to figure out the do my music and raise my children at the same time.

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