What discounts can teachers get?

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What discounts can teachers get?

Teacher discounts you didn’t know about!

  • Apple. The discount is generally 10% and is valid on purchases of regularly-priced Mac computers, iPads, Apple software, accessories and other items.
  • Sony.
  • Samsung.
  • Zoo Entry (AU)
  • National Geographic (AU)
  • Eckersleys (AU)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • 2 Degrees Mobile.

Can you use discount for teachers codes in store?

Whether you are a teacher, a teaching assistant, or you’re part of the admin team, if your work in the Education sector, you can sign up. The Ode card from Discounts for Teachers can be used when shopping online and in-store at qualifying retailers.

Can teachers use Bluelight card?

Do teachers qualify for the Blue Light Card? The bad news is, teachers don’t qualify for the Blue Light Card, which is a shame as it’s a handy card to have.

Can teachers get Bluelight card?

Using the Blue light card App to find discounts near you There are plenty of other discount schemes are available for NHS staff, students, teachers and other public services.

Does Chick-Fil-A have a teacher discount?

Chick-fil-A: There’s not a nationwide promotion but select locations are offering teachers a deal Tuesday and some locations are celebrating for a week. Cicis: Teachers and school staff get a free adult buffet Tuesday for National Teacher Appreciation Day with a valid school ID and a coupon.

Does Dollar Tree give teacher discounts?

At Dollar Tree, teachers may get 10% off their purchase with a valid school ID. This discount is only available at participating stores – so make sure to ask. Plus, Dollar Tree online has a Teacher Ideas section to help you set up your classroom on the budget you have.

Can retired NHS staff still use Blue Light Card?

Yes, if you are an employed and paid staff member of the following: NHS. Police Service.

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