Is Damian Cray real?

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Is Damian Cray real?

Cray was born in North London on October 5, 1950, baptized Harold Eric Lunt. Having a remarkable singing voice, Cray wished to be a pop star, though his parents forced him to go to the Royal Academy of Music in London despite his unhappy protests.

How did Damian Cray die in Alex Rider?

The two enter Air Force One, where Damian Cray launches nuclear missiles at drug-supplying countries. Cray shoots assassin, Yassen Gregorovich, and kills him, but soon after Cray is pushed out of the plane to his death by Alex himself.

Is Yassen Gregorovich Alex Rider’s dad?

He was with John Rider, Alex’s father, (unbeknown to Yassen, as part of John’s MI6 cover in SCORPIA) when him and John killed a drug dealer in the Amazon. Then Yassen became even more powerful.

What happens to Alex Rider’s clone?

While they try to convince MI6, Tom comes and hits the clone Alex with the pole and the clone gets taken away by MI6 agents, but the clone gets rid of, takes the agent’s gun and aims at Alex, but immediately gets shot by Yassen Gregorovich, and he saves the original Alex.

Who shot Alex Rider’s clone?

But clone Alex is also too big a loose end and Yassen sniper shoots him from a rooftop. He briefly toys with the idea of killing the real Alex too — but something stays his hand. That he has plans for Alex is evident, which confirms that he too will be back in Season 2.

Who is Julius grief?

Julius Grief is a recurring antagonist in the Alex Rider series, serving as the final antagonist of Point Blanc and the secondary antagonist of Scorpia Rising. He the evil clone of Alex himself as well as his archenemy.

Who is Alex Rider’s love interest?

Sabina Pleasure
Sabina Pleasure is a character in the Anthony Horowitz series Alex Rider. She is Alex Rider’s close friend and joins him on several missions.

Is Jack Starbright black?

There is no mention of Smithers or Jack Starbright being black in the books – the first two books, which were re-read for this article, made no mention of their race at all. Smithers is revealed to be Irish in a later book, but is clearly English in the show.

Where was Sir Damian Cray born and raised?

Sir Damian Cray was born as Harold Eric Lunt in London on October 5th, 1950, to a businessman named Sir Arthur Lunt. Sir Arthur had been knighted like his future son and he was making millions from four-storey carparks.

What kind of person is Damian Cray on the outside?

On the outside, Damian Cray paints the picture of a charismatic, eccentric and approachable man with a deep desire to better the world around him. In actuality, he is a psychopath. Intensely narcissistic to a fault, he rarely allows blame to fall on him, and prefers to never get his hands dirty.

How did Damian Cray plan to destroy the world?

Using the Gameslayer as a cover, he devised a way of hi-jacking the presidential plane Air Force One using a flash drive to launch the USA’s supply of nuclear missiles. However, Alex had trouble convincing Alan Blunt that the charitable Cray is planning to destroy half the world, forcing Alex to investigate himself.

Why was Damian Cray sent to kill Edward Pleasure?

Alex Rider began looking into Cray’s actions after a confrontation with Yassen Gregorovich, who Cray sent to kill Edward Pleasure. Cray was planning a nuclear attack to annihilate major drug-producing parts of the world.

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