Are Hewescraft boats good?

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Are Hewescraft boats good?

VALUE. Hewescraft boats are a great value the day you pull them off the dealer’s lot, and the resale value stays strong 20 years later when fiberglass boats have costly problems and riveted boats need repair work.

What aluminum does Hewescraft use?

Every Hewescraft hull is made from quality 5086 and 5052 aluminum alloys—materials with ten times the shear strength of fiberglass.

Where is Hewescraft made?

Colville, WA
Hewescraft has been manufacturing high quality aluminum fishing boats for over 70 years. We are happy to say we continue to build these great boats in the same small town where we started all those years ago – Colville, WA.

Are Hewescraft boats self bailing?

Hewescraft continues to be the #1 selling brand in Alaska, and we take great pride in naming this boat after the 49th state. To explore all the Northwest has to offer, the Alaskan has a wider beam, larger fuel tank, deeper hull, self-bailing deck, and a stronger transom.

Why are aluminum boats popular in Alaska?

Aluminum boats are rugged and easier to power than fiberglass. They will take the abuse of everyday fishing and can handle the wear and tear of trailering. Provided the boats have been engineered properly, both will perform well in Alaska’s saltwater.

Are Duckworth boats good?

Duckworth Boats look as good as they run. Each and every Duckworth Boat is hand-built by expert craftsmen to exacting tolerances and high standards of finish and consistency so you achieve optimal performance and longevity for a lifetime of boating pleasure. That’s the Duckworth promise.

Who owns Hewescraft?

Dave and brother Bill Hewes eventually took over the company, with their dad working until around age 80. Today, Hewescraft employs 144 workers and makes nine series of boat models ranging in length from 16 to 26 feet.

How does a self bailing deck work?

Self-bailing boats, or self-bailing hulls, are designed to remove water from the boat deck or cockpit area. The water is discharged overboard through the transom, the “back wall” of the boat. Self-bailing, actually being somewhat of a misnomer, means that gravity and momentum are used to rid a boat of unwanted water.

Are aluminum boats seaworthy?

Aluminum is good in both coastal and inland waters When not in contact with different metals, aluminum on its falls apart reasonably slowly, so there’s no danger if in saltwater or freshwater. All you have to worry about is fouling. Use bottom paint to keep your boat clean.

Where are Duckworth boats manufactured?

Clarkston, Washington
Duckworth boats are manufactured at his factory in Clarkston, Washington, just a few miles from the garage where Ernest Duckworth once built his first hull.

Who owns Duckworth boats?

Renaissance Marine Group
Duckworth’s parent company, Renaissance Marine Group (RMG), is the leading builder of heavy gauge all-welded aluminum boats. With dozens of dealers throughout the west and United States, RMG dealers are authorized to service any RMG brand. This means Duckworth owners are never far from an authorized service center.

Can a marine shop be a hewescraft dealer?

Not just any marine shop can be a Hewescraft dealer. Depend on your Hewescraft dealer to help keep your boat ready for whenever the bite is on. Every Hewescraft is built with enough flotation foam to keep the boat afloat even when it’s turned over or completely filled with water.

What kind of aluminum is in a hewescraft boat?

Every Hewescraft hull is made from quality 5086 and 5052 aluminum alloys—materials with ten times the shear strength of fiberglass. “Heavy-gauge aluminum” doesn’t mean a heavy boat. Welded aluminum Hewescraft boats are typically one-third lighter than comparably sized fiberglass boats.

What makes a hewescraft Pacific cruiser so special?

The Pacific Cruiser not only has a great physique, but rock-solid structure behind it. The all-welded, heavy gauge aluminum construction is what sets it apart from all the fiberglass and riveted cuddy cabins on the market. Hewescraft Pacific Cruiser boats are fully featured with standard amenities for which other boat builders charge extra.

Where can I Park my hewescraft sailboat?

Hewescraft boats are designed for the rock and gravel of Pacific Northwest shorelines. Park your Hewescraft on the beach without worrying about cracking your hull. Every Hewescraft hull is backed by a lifetime warranty to the original owner. We back it so you know you can depend on it.

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