What is Mel Blount doing now?

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What is Mel Blount doing now?

His youngest son, Khalid Blount, is a football player who was ranked as a 2-star recruit by Rivals before attending Duquesne University. Blount currently resides in Buffalo Township, Pennsylvania, on a 303 acre farm that includes the site of his former youth home.

Is Mel Blount married?

Leslie Blount
Mel Blount/Spouse

Who is Mel Blount wife?

Mel Blount/Wife

Did Mel Blount retire?

“Mel Blount retires after 14 year career”, The Gettysburg Times, AP, 16 March 1984, p. 13.

What college did Mel Blount go to?

Southern University and A&M College
Mel Blount/College

What is Lynn Swann net worth?

Lynn Swann: $20 Million Net Worth.

How old is Jack Lambert of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

69 years (July 8, 1952)
Jack Lambert/Age

Does Mel Blount have a son?

Akil Blount
Mel Blount/Sons

Who invented the term sack?

David “Deacon” Jones
David “Deacon” Jones, the Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end who coined the term “sack,” has died. The Class of 1980 inductee passed away on Monday evening after lengthy illness. He was 74.

What is Walter Jones net worth?

Walter Jones: $20 Million Net Worth.

How much is John Stallworth?

The estimated Net Worth of John L. Stallworth is at least $967 Thousand dollars as of 29 April 2021. Mr.

When did Mel Blount get into the Hall of Fame?

Mel Blount was voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a member of the Class of 1989. Blount was also an inaugural member of the Steelers Hall of Honor as a member of the Class of 2017. There aren’t many players who cause the NFL to change the rules because of their play, but there also weren’t many players like Blount.

What did Mel Blount do for a living?

Mel Blount shared his vision and the importance of giving back to youth even before he founded the Mel Blount Youth Home. Standing on the steps of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio as a first ballot Hall of Famer Mel Blount reminisces on the importance of his family and the values he learned growing up in Vidalia Georgia.

Who is Melvin Blount of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Melvin Cornell Blount (born April 10, 1948) is a former Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback, five-time Pro Bowler and a 1989 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. Blount is considered one of the best cornerbacks to have ever played in the NFL. His physical style of play made him one of the most feared defensive backs in…

How many Pro Bowls did Mel Blount play in?

Blount was named All-Pro four times and played in five Pro Bowls. He was a key part of the Steelers success in the 1970s, starting and playing a key role in all four Super Bowls during that decade.


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