How much clearance do you need around a wood burning stove?

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How much clearance do you need around a wood burning stove?

At least 36 inches of clearance must be allowed between the top of a stove and an unprotected ceiling. Brick or stone provide little or no protection for a combustible wall since they are good conductors of heat.

How close can a wood stove be to a heat shield?

Clearance should be three times the diameter of the pipe, e.g., a 6-inch pipe needs 18 inches of clearance. Heat shields may be used to reduce the clearance by the same ratio as for the stove. For example, with sheet metal you can reduce the clearance by two-thirds, from 18 inches to 6 inches.

How do I reduce the clearance on my wood stove?

Using a piece of 24 gauge sheet metal installed on spacers 1″ from an existing wall and floor will reduce stove clearances by 66% – or from 36″ to 12″. The clearance reduction is usually measured from the rear of the stove to the original combustible wall, not to the sheet metal.

How far from wood stove should damper be?

approximately 12 to 18 inches
A damper is usually located approximately 12 to 18 inches from the stove, prior to the spot where the pipe exits into a chimney, if present. The damper retains heat that escapes up the chimney or flue.

How far should furniture be away from a wood stove?

three feet
Many safety codes require wood stoves to be at least three feet away from any furniture, rugs, drapes or other items.

Can cement board be used as a heat shield?

Hardi cement board is an inexpensive solution that will form the foundation of an effective heat shield for any application. Hardi cement board is also designed to have ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles installed over it to cover and beautify the heat shield after it is installed.

What can I use as a heat shield?

By far the most effective heat shields are the air cooled type. These shields are constructed with a sheet of 24 gauge or thicker sheet metal, or 1/2″ or thicker cement board, with 1″ of air space behind the shield and around the perimeter to allow free air flow.

Should I put a damper in my stove pipe?

A damper can be installed within the stove pipe to help balance out the airflow through the stove. Closing down the damper during a fire to reduce the flow of air leaving the firebox can help to mitigate any excess air coming into the stove.

How do I know if my damper is open or closed?

Before lighting a fire, you can tell if the damper is open by placing your hand into the fireplace. If you feel a draft coming down the chimney, it is a good indicator that the damper is open. If you don’t feel any cold air coming down the chimney, it means that the damper is closed.

How big of a clearance do you need for a wood stove?

Most of the double wall stove pipe allows for 6″ clearance from wall combustibles and 8″ from ceiling combustibles. Using a “Heat Shield” on a single wall stovepipe allows you to reduce the clearances from 18″ to 6″ to the wall and 9″ to the ceiling. Many think stovepipe can run from the wood-stove, right up through the ceiling and roof.

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