What is Anthem claim address?

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What is Anthem claim address?

Claims/Correspondence Address: P.O. Box 60007. Los Angeles, CA 95670. Website: www.anthem.com/ca.

How do I get a refund from Blue Cross?

Mail in a completed, signed claim form to Alberta Blue Cross, 10009-108 St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3C5. For your claim to be processed, original receipts and other supporting documentation must be attached.

Where do I send my Bcbsil claim?

Mail original claims to BCBSIL, P.O. Box 805107, Chicago, IL 60680-4112.

Can I submit a claim to my insurance?

To file a claim you need to first obtain an itemized bill from your doctor or medical provider. This bill will list every service you received along with the cost and a special code the insurance company will need to pay your claim.

How do I check my Anthem Blue Cross claim status?

The best way to get information about claims is to log in to your member account. You can do that using our website or the Blue Cross mobile app. Keep in mind that due to requirements for protected health information, not everyone on a plan may be able to see all claims.

How long does it take Alberta Blue Cross to process a claim?

It will take approximately three to five business days. We do our best to set you up as quickly as possible, but we need to verify your credentials with your college or association. After I register, what steps should I follow?

Can I claim Alberta Blue Cross on my taxes?

If you have an individual health plan, you can also get a tax receipt for premiums paid. Premiums paid for health and dental benefits may be claimed as a deduction for income tax purposes if you meet the overall threshold for medical expenses to be claimed. Sign in to the member site at members.ab.bluecross.ca.

Where is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island?

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island 500 Exchange Street Providence, RI 02903. Local: (401) 459-1000 Outside Rhode Island: 1-800-637-3718

Where to Mail Blue Cross and blue shield claims?

*New York All Excellus plans use this mailing address: Excellus BCBS Attn: Claims P.O. Box 22999 Rochester, NY 14692. *New York All Excellus plans use this mailing address: Excellus BCBS Attn: Claims P.O. Box 22999 Rochester, NY 14692. *New York *The Buffalo office handles the receipt of claims and correspondence for BS Northeastern New York.

Where do I Mail my Blue Cross card in Florida?

Florida BCBS of Florida Attention: Front End Services P.O. Box 1798 Jacksonville Fl 32231 Georgia Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield P.O. Box 105187 Atlanta, GA 30348 -5187 Hawaii HMSA– BlueCard Department P.O. Box 2970

Where is Blue Cross Blue Shield in Alabama?

Local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Mailing Addresses. Last Update 10/24/2013. State/Alpha Prefix Claims Filing Address Alabama BCBS of Alabama P.O. Box 995 Birmingham, AL 35298.

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